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Resume E-Module

No description

Morgan Wood

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Resume E-Module

Results, Transferable Skills, Scope Accomplishment Statements Resume eLearning Module Sauder School of Business What's coming up: What to Include in Your Resume How to Tailor Your Resume Accomplishment Statements Clear, Concise & Professional
Resume Experience Interest
in you! Community Activities Show your skills Education What can a resume Let's get started... (That reflect the employer's needs!) http://www.stockfreeimages.com/-Hisoka_Photo do for you? EDUCATION
Tots Preschool
Whiteside Elementary
Trudeau Elementary
McMaster Secondary
Creighton College
Procter and Gamble,
Increased sales by 125% using key messaging to maximize brand awareness .

Pepsi Co, 2009-Present
Increased reach by 400% while leading a team towards optimizing Pepsi Co.'s marketing strategy by analyzing market trends, buyer behaviour and channel strategy to EDUCATION
UBC, Marketing major

Key Achievements:
Market Research 88%,
Brand Management 92%. 80% of success
is just
showing up! Not anymore! "Just showing
up" Research Self awareness Networking Preparation Demonstrate your
Uniqueness! Show that you have what
it takes to do the job! Awards Experience Skills Education X I speak French Umm... Poutine... Cafe... Bon voyage? Maintain Credibility! 1. Conduct a self assessment
of your skills, abilities and interests 2. Analyze your experience &
compare it to the required key competencies in the job 3. Don't waste your time in a job
that isn't you Necessities for Resume Myths I only need one generic resume By sending out a resume I'll automatically
get job offers If all I've done are seemingly irrelevant jobs,
I shouldn't include them on my resume I should make my resume as long as possible, that will be impressive! 1. Header 2. Profile or Key Competencies 3. Education 4. Work Experience 5. Community Involvement 6. Skills/Interests Components of a Resume Header Consider design, while simultaneously
making it easy for the reader to know who you are Profile or Key Competencies Resume Writing Profile Written in third person using short, concise sentences Key Competencies Written using bullet points This section acts as a snapshot of your education and relevant attributes Education Current Degree GPA or Honours Scholarships and Awards Relevant Courses Industry Related Projects Specialized Training Work Experience/Career Highlights * MBA Resumes You might choose to use "Selected Career Highlights or Career Highlights" This may cause a gap in the
chronological order An asterisk at the bottom of this section can help explain the gap *Traveled Europe
*Worked in a subordinate position to
save money for MBA School Typically should not go back more than 10 years 1. "I'm a team player" 10 Phrases you Should Ban from your Resume's Accomplishment Statements! 2. "I have great communication/leadership skills" 3. "I have a proven track-record" 4. "I'm a problem solver" 5. "I assisted in X Task" 6. "I have a strong work ethic" 7. "I'm bottom-line focused" 8. "I'm responsible for X" 9. "I'm self motivated" 10. "I'm accustomed to a fast-paced environment" Activity Based/Descriptive "Waited tables" Accomplishment Based "Enhanced customer experience and improved sales by personally interacting with patrons, remembering their specific likes and dislikes, and implementing engaging, appropriate and restaurant/menu based conversations" "Created marketing campaigns for new product launches" "Exceeded sales targets by 23% through designing innovative marketing campaign developed through extensive competitor analysis, targeting untapped market sectors, and working with dealers to develop stronger merchandising incentives" "Assisted with meetings, used communication skills, and led workshops" "Increased communication flow and efficiency between management and a staff base of 50 by implementing an open door policy, holding weekly discussion groups and facilitating team building workshops of 20 participants or more" "Gathered information and data" "Maximized department efficiency by researching, analyzing and documenting business trends to anticipate future growth opportunities. Received commendation from supervisor for attention to detail while meeting tight deadlines in a fast paced environment
Accomplishment Statements "Billions and billions
served" Community Involvement Reasons your resume may be 1. Spelling or grammatical mistakes 2. Irrelevant redundancy or repetition 3. Font is too small 4. Bad formatting 5. More than two pages Current Activities Only list neutral and generally appropriate activities Tailor the descriptions to the position Keep using accomplishment statements in this section too! Additional Skills/Interests Don't list too many! Include team activities Still try to compliment the job description in this section Formatting How your resume looks and reads can be as important as the information within! Showcase your skills by presenting a perfectly formatted resume So now is your Resume Complete? Identified all the components? Tailored it to a specific
opportunity? Created powerful
Accomplishment Statements? Formatted your resume
professionally? Had people proof read
it for you? Yes? No? Congrats! Now you can move on with your job search! Re-word & re-work to make sure you present the best you possible. WORK
Babysitting 1991-1994
McDonalds, 1994-1997
Safeway, 1997-1998
Mosaic, 1998-2000
Inventa, 2000-2002
Sauder, 2002-2006
P&G, 2006-2009
Pepsi Co., 2009- Present

TERESTS: Baking, singing, swimming,
playing soccer, hiking, juggling, dancing,
smiling, hanging out with friends. REJECTED! 4.Match your views and values Previous Institutions -Exchange or Transfer Accomplishment Verb + Quantitative Results (when possible) +Transferable Skills + Scope of Action Table of Contents 1) Introduction 2) You've Got What It Takes 3) Resume Myths 4) Let's Get Started/Header 5) Profile or Key Competencies 6) Education 7) Work Experience 12) Reasons to Reject Your Resume 10) Community Involvement 11) Additional Skills /Interests 13) Formatting Overview 14) Formatting Tutorial 15) Review 8) Accomplishment Statement Don'ts & Dos Introduction What's next? 9) Creating Your Accomplishment Statements Thank You From The Business Career Centre http://ca.linkedin.com/in/yourname http://ca.linkedin.com/in/yourname http://ca.linkedin.com/in/yourname Profile or Key Competencies Profile Written in short concise sentences Key Competencies Written using bullet points Commonly used in an MBA resume Show your uniqueness, highlight what you have to offer and begin to answer the question, "Why you?" Must be short and concise Computer languages and skills on a BCom resume Tailor,Tailor, Tailor Travel - experience cultural diversity KEY COMPETENCIES Multilingual, disciplined individual who anticipates problems and is adept at spearheading projects A proven dedicated employee able to immediately build a rapport with customers as well as associates in a team environment
Grasps and implements concepts quickly with a high attention to detail developed through various quantitative analysis experiences in employment and student organizations. Relevant Experience BCom Resumes Direct from the very people
who may be reviewing
your resumes Vista>Sauder Career Success Cycle>Step 4>Resumes> Creating Accomplishment Statements>Scroll to bottom and click on Creating Your Accomplishment Statements Show your creativity and diversity Unique Boring Profile/Key Competencies Highlights relevant information Experience Proof!
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