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The Scientific Method

No description

Amanda Stone

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of The Scientific Method

Target Audience 5th Grade The Scientific Method Amanda Stone The Scientific Method Student Learning Objectives ---The student will list the scientific method on a teacherweb quiz.

---The student will identify the step in the scientific method.

---The student will design their own experiment in writing. The Scientific Method Song MN Curriculum Standard Strand: The nature of Science and Engineering
Substrand: The Practice of Science
Standard: Scientific inquiry requires identification of assumptions, use of critical and logical thinking, and consideration of alternative explanation.
Benchmark: Generate a scientific question and plan an appropriate scientific investigation such as systematic observations, field studies, open-ended exploration or controlled experiments to answer the question. 1. Make an Observation 2. Ask a Question 3. Form a Hypothesis 4. Make a Prediction 5. Test/ Experimentation 6. Analyze the Data 7. Draw a Conclusion Teacherweb Name MissAmandasClassroomPage --Requires a control and variables
--Think about duration of the experiment
--what do you need? --What does it mean?
--Make a graph
--Do research on other experiments like yours, compare. -- Do you find something curious?
--Are you wondering about something?

My observation: If I do not put enough water or too much water in my plant it dies. My Question: How much water do plants need to survive? --What do you want to know? My hypothesis: Plants need 1 cup of water everyday. --Educated Guess
--does not matter if it is right or wrong
-take your original question and turn it into an answer My Prediction: If I give a plant 1 cup of water everyday, then it will survive. --What do you think is going to happen? --Was your hypothesis correct?
--If not how could you test this question again?
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