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Melissa Tomlinson

on 16 November 2009

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Transcript of test

test coordinate plane
ordered pair
A coordinate plane is a plane containing a horizontal number line, the x-axis, and a vertical number line, the y axis. The intersection of these axes is called the origin The axes divide the coordinate-plane into four regions called quadrants, which are numbered I, II, III, and IV.
horizontal axis vertical axis pair of numbers used to locate a point (0, 0) function
output input
value put into the function function sequence
arithmetic sequence
geometric sequence an ordered list of numbers when the same amount is added each time to get the next number each term is multiplied by the same number to get the next term each number in the sequence what does this remind you of????? linear equation
linear function
nonlinear function an equation whose graph is a line a function whose graph is a nonvertical line a function whose graph is not a straight line (x, y) operates according to a rule that produces only one output for each input output
the value that is the result of input being put into a function http://www.amblesideprimary.com/ambleweb/mentalmaths/functionmachines.html
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