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What will happen is MLK was never born?

No description

Johnny Mitchell

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of What will happen is MLK was never born?

What will happen is MLK was never born?
by: Johnny Mitchell
If Dr . Martin Luther King Jr. was never born, the world would probably be in catastrophe.
A lot lives would not have not existed
Most friendships people have now would have not existed if Martin Luther King did not exist
The world would have had more racism and segregation
But first:
Things to know about Martin Luther King Jr (MLK)
He was born on January 15, 1929
was married to Correta Scott King
had four children:Dexter Scott King, Martin Luther King the III, Yolanda King, and Bernice King
MLK was assassinated on April 4,1968
BUT, Martin Luther King Jr was not the only one who wanted everyone to be equal.
Even if MLK did not exist, there would most likely be a countless number of righteous people who will have believed in equality and will try to get equal rights no matter what color you are and no matter what the cost was just like what MLK did.
Also, even if MLK didn't exist, and even if there would be people who are righteous, some things will still change.
Blacks might have less freedom than they have now, depending on how well the leader is at his/her job at being a speaker and a leader.
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