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civil rights movement

No description

isaac tunon

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of civil rights movement

EVENTS LITTLE ROCK NINE Nine african americans high school
students that went to an all white
school BROWN V. BOARD OF EDU. A case were Thurgood Marshall argued
that sperate school was unconstitutional CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964 Law that put a stop to racail
segregation in schools and in
public places and employment VOTING RIGHTS OF 1965 Law that stopped discrimination
on the voting booth by taking
away the literacy test to vote ORGANIZATION BLACK PANTHERS African american group formed in
1966 by Bobby seale and Huey Newton
it advocated black power and armed
resistance to white oppresion NATION OF ISLAM An islamic organization that
advocated racail seperation
as a solution to white on
black racism KKK A group of white
americans trying
to prevent rights
for blacks. SCLC A civil rights organization led
originally by MLK as a non
voilent group PEOPLE STRATEGIES SIT INS Civil right movement were
blacks would sit in the
whites only section. MARCH ON WASHINGTON Massive march on Washington that
finally motivated congress to pass
the civil rights act of 1964 FREEDOM RIDES Protest by black and white
activist who rode on the
buses through the south. FREEDOM SUMMER Civil rights effort to register black
voters in mississippi. MLK Leader of the bus boycott
and gave his famous speech
"I have a dream" LYDON JOHNSON Lydon Johnson had goals to
improve our healthcare, edu.
poverty, and discrimination ROSA PARKS A black women arrested for
not giving up her seat to a
white man. MALCOM X Was a member of the
nation of islam later
left to start his own
orginization O.A.A.U.
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