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The World of Tumblr

A simple intro of a popular blogging site called Tumblr.

cassy haynes

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of The World of Tumblr

tumblr. Intro to the World of Your Blog Fashion Photography Art Work Literature Tumblr is a blogging site that allows users to set up accounts and run multiple blogs. You can share your work, ideas, and stories with the world while exploring those of other people.

It's most popular with photographers, artists, fashion designers, writers, and general bloggers. There are several types of blogs users choose to establish, and one sort is a photography blog. These may be run by amateur photographers, nature photographers, or professional photographers. Tumblr has a very prominent fashion community, and because the site is linked with Polyvore (another website featuring "What Celebs are Wearing", styling tips, and the most popular fashion trends), posting the outfits you create, and the items you buy from that site has become a whole lot easier. Art blogs are a very broad category, maybe even more so than photography. Some of them are run by professionals, some of them are run by amateurs. There are bloggers that post only their own sketches, paintings, designs/ abstract art, and sculptures. A lot of the art that isn't sketches is done digitally, sometimes using a tablet. The best posts are concept art of landscapes or characters. If you're looking for poetry, critiques and reviews of a popular book, or just good writing, tumblr is the place to go. There are blogs dedicated to posting only literature. Usually they are pictures of short poems, excerpts from books, or even original work by the bloggers themselves. Explore When you first get to the website, you'll want to explore some of the highlights. The first page is made of panels with the most notable posts. Most of them are pieces of art or photographs. Not all blogs are run by the photographers themselves, but some are, and there are many types you can follow if you are looking for, or are interested in a certain type of photography. Here are several sub-genres and tags you can search. One of the best examples of professional blogs is run by Bryan Konietzko, co-creator of the children's series "Avatar". He often posts pictures he's done on the computer of characters from the series, or rough drafts and sketches of characters in progress. Amateur Art Work One of the most known amateur blogs is called "Burdge." It's run by a girl who does drawings, sketches, and basically fan art of the characters from Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson and the Olympians". Professional Art Work Vintage Ocean/Beach
(widely popular) From an Airplane Starry Night Sub-Genres Black and White Concept Art
by Bryan The final, though arguably most important part of our journey; Your Blog!

The first thing you'll see after making an account is this bar over a large empty space, that will later be filled with the posts of blogs you choose to follow. Each button allows you to post content to using a specific media. If you're interested in sharing your own art, literature, videos, text, or photos, then these buttons will be quite useful. If you're like many people, though, you'll mostly reblog the posts of others. Tumblr will recommend blogs to you based on your interests, but really the best blogs are the ones you discover yourself. The more people you follow, easier it will be to find your niche in whichever Tumblr community you join. Happy Blogging! Resources Examples of art work and character sketches: http://burdge-bug.deviantart.com/ and
http://bryankonietzko.tumblr.com/ Photos and examples of blog/posts: http://www.tumblr.com/ Music: "Intro" by The XX
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