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Alyssa Valentin

No description

Ms. Davis

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Alyssa Valentin

Alyssa Valentin
What Katie does today
Today Katie helps the hungry. She hopes that someday no one will ever be hungry.
How I can be like Katie
I can be like Katie by planting or making something and donating it to soup kitchen.
Who is Katie Krops
Age: 17

Hometown: South Carolina Summerville

Job: volunteering at Soup kitchen
What are my Goals?
My goals are to be a Artist. To do volunteer work and help people. The reason why is because I love to draw and color and work with kids.
Katie owns 6 gardens and donates her friuts and vegatables to soup kitchen for the poor.
When Katie was 9 years old she planted a cabbage it grew to be 40 pounds! She donated it to soup kitchen. I ended up feeding 272 people!
Katie's goals
Katie's dream and goal is to help feed the hungry and volunteer in soup kitchen. Make a garden full of fruits and vegtables.
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