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Lord of the Flies

No description

Kyle Nowell

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies

Plot Resolution;
The fire signals a naval ship

Naval Officer shows up before ralph concedes to jack.

The boys are taken back to society, government, and order. Inciting Incident
Ralph is made leader of the group, Jack leader of the hunters. Rising Action;
Starts in the middle of chapter two.

Signal Fire is made, which catches the jungle on fire.

Ralph, jack, and piggy get in and argument over who should watch the fire.

Slowly order is lost and chaos takes its place. Falling Action;
Brief period of time after jack takes control and the end of the book.

Ralph hides through the night.

Jack and the other boys sets the forest on fire Exposition;
All of Chapter 1 and part of Chapter 2.
All the characters are introduced.

Problem; Airplane crashed onto an abandoned island, while being evacuated during the war.
Order is completely lost.

Jack takes over the group

Roger ends up killing piggy and at the same time destroying the conch

No ones on Ralphs side, he escapes with the help of Sam and Eric Character List:

Ralph: Protagonist, static, round character. He is elected leader of the group of boys marooned on the island.

Jack: Antagonist, dynamic, round character. He becomes the leader of the hunters but longs for total power.

Simon: Static and flat character. He is a shy, sensitive boy in the group that represents good.

Piggy: Static and flat character. Ralph’s second hand man and he is logical and whiny.

Roger: Static and flat character. He is evil and ends up killing Piggy.

Sam and Eric: Twins who followed Ralph but were tortured to join Jack’s wild tribe.

The Lord of the Flies: Sow’s head on a stake in the middle of the beautiful grove. “Satanic” allusion that talks to Simon. Setting Uninhabited Island The Meeting Place Castle Rock Bathing Pool Fruit Trees The Original Fire Location Pig Trails Thick Forests Opening where the
Lord of the Flies sits The Beach Location of Jack's Tribe The Shelters The Scar Symbolism:

The Conch Shell-representation of order and civilization within the group of boys.

Piggy's Glasses- represent science and human innovation

Signal Fire- represents the drive to be rescued

The Beast- represents the boys fear and ignorance (the more wild they become, the stronger there belief in the beast becomes as well)
Lord of the Flies (stake with sow's head in the beautiful medow)- represents evil/ Satan

Raplph- represents society's drive for order

Simon- represents the good in society (Christ-like figure)

Piggy- represents logic and society's intellect

Roger- represents society's evil and the evil within everyone

The Island- represents society or anyplace where good and evil exist
Biblical Parallels- actions or events that mimic that of the Bible, such as Simon's (Christ) conversation with the Lord of the Flies (Satan). Lord of the Flies literally interpreted as the Biblical name Beezlebub (a powerful demon in Hell that is sometimes thought to be the devil)

Order vs chaos- Ralph vs. Jack and the reoccuring principle of Order's inablility to coexist with with Chaos. Motifs: Conflicts

Order Vs. Chaos: Ralph Vs. Jack

Piggy Vs. Everyone

Boys Vs. Beastie Lord of The Flies Foreshadowing

Piggy’s death is foreshadowed by the hunters hunting pigs. (Chapter 5, A)

Piggy’s death is also foreshadowed in that they roll rocks off of “Castle Rock” (Chapter 6, B)

In Chapter 3 Ralph cautions Jack and the hunters not to forget the fire, and in chapter 4 the fire is allowed to burn out because the were hunting. (Chapter 3, 4, C)

In Chapter 4 Roger throws rocks at Piggy, foreshadowing Roger pulling the lever on “Castle Rock” and killing Piggy. ( C )

When the boys first light the fire and they let the fire get out of control, foreshadowing that they will eventually not be able to control their actions. (Chapter 2) Structure
Applies to the theme of the story greatly.
Slow digression from civil to savage
Digression helps advance the theme
Helps advance the plot by digressing the emotional achivements of man Themes:

Civilization v. Savagery (Order v. Chaos)

Loss of Innocence
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