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Lana Del Rey

No description

Lazarus Espino

on 15 December 2017

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Transcript of Lana Del Rey

in June 2011 "Video Games". a music video created by Lana Del Rey was released on YouTube and instantly became viral.
Lana Del Ray A.K.A Lizzy Grant
-Lana Del Rey.
The music video mixes web-cam footage of Lana Del Rey with clips of familiar American scenes.
"Video Games"
She often used to call herself the "gangster Nancy Sinatra," until she created an image for herself. Lana Del Rey often sings about her love life, and her life in general.
Tuesday, December 1st, 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
She Got Discovered...
How Did She Get Discovered?
Her Albums.
Lana Del Rey started songwriting at the age of 18 and signed her first recording contract with 5 Points Records in 2007,releasing her first digital album
"Lana Del Ray"
in January 2010. Lana bought herself out of the contract with 5 Points Records in April 2010. She signed a joint contract with Interscope, Polydor, and Stranger Records in July 2011.
Nancy Sinatra Lana Del Rey
The "Gangster Nancy Sinatra."
Lana Del Ray (a.k.a Lizzy Grant)
is the debut independent album by Lana Del Rey, it was released through the independent record label "5 Points Records" in 2010 when she was known as Lana Del Ray.
Its Not In Stores.. and It's hard to find.
Tropico is a short film based on the Biblical story of sin and redemption", It stars Lana Del Rey as Eve and Shaun Ross as Adam. It was Directed by Anthony Mandler and was exclusively released on YouTube. It also features songs from her
Paradise EP
She is considered Pop. Fans claim she is Alternative. She mixes with a bit of R&B, Soul, Blues, and Trance.
Nancy Sinatra is an American singer and actress. She is the daughter of singer/actor Frank Sinatra, she's known for her "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'".
What I Like About her.
Lana Del Rey before she was famous.
I really like how her music & her music videos are unique.
In 2011/2012 on the release of Born To Die, Lana Del Rey had created a persona/character
Lana Del Rey.
It´s when her fourth album is when left her persona and created her own image.

Lana said in an NME interview: “I’ve been doing what I do for a long time. I’ve had a life. I don’t need to create a persona to live through....“I know that if I had more of a persona [before], I have less of one now. And I think it comes down to getting a little older.”
‘less of a persona’
Born To Die
Lana bought herself out of the contract with 5 Points Records in July 2011. After the release her single ¨Video Games¨ went viral online she signed with Interscope, Polydor, in July 2011.
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