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Doghouse project

No description

annie kisch

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Doghouse project

Our Dog House Problem Our Plan... The Materials we used Challenges Our Doghouse is the BEST! We need to build a dog house that holds heat in during the winter and stays cool in the summer.
Fido will be one happy puppy! This dog house is exceptional. The materials were chosen with conserving energy in mind.
The foam board acts as an insulator.
The reflective covering of the ThermOpan will keep the coldness out and will also keep the warmth in.
It is airtight which helps the heat to stay in and will help to repel the cold. There were two real challenges of making the dog house.
First we painted the walls and then the paint peeled off, so we decided to put the material on the walls and roof. This gives the house extra protection.
The second challenge was measuring the sides to be exact. You should buy our doghouse because it is the best in the business!
It features the DoorOmatic 3000~the only removable doghouse door that dogs truly love!
It is not only energy efficient it also is FABULOUS! Materials
Tools exacto knife glue gun measuring tape scissors pencil ruler tape foam board foam padding thermOpan pink dogprint material cardboard white foam lights pink material cardboard
foam board
pink material Choice of materials To order call:
1-800-doggielicious Or visit us online at: www.doggielicious.com
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