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The Northwest rebellion of 1885

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soham mehta

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of The Northwest rebellion of 1885

By: Soham Mehta
Guneet Wahla and Varindra

The Northwest
Rebellion Of 1885

Where and When the battles took place?
Why and Where
Main 13 people of the rebellion
Big Bear
Charles Nolin
Edgar Dewdney
Fine Day
Alexis Andre
Frederick Middleton
Gabriel Dumont
John A Macdonald
Leif Crozier
Louis Riel
Wandering Spirit
The battle of Duck Lake on March 26, 1885
The looting of battleford on March 30, 1885
The Frog Lake Massacre on April 2, 1885
The battle of Fort Pitt on April 15, 1885
The battle of Fish Creek on April 24, 1885
The battle of Cut Knife on May 2, 1885
The battle of Batoche on May 9, 1885
The battle of Frenchman's Butte on May 28, 1885
The battle of Loon Lake on June 3, 1885
After the Red River Rebellion, the Métis moved from Manitoba to Sasatchewan where they could continue their way of life, hunting buffalo and establishing their traditional long narrow farms. These were centred around the Saskatchewan River. For fifteen years the Métis, native people and a few white settlers lived peacefully together in the area.But then in the 1880's history repeated itself the surveyors came to Saskatchewan to take the land back to there rightful owners. Though this time the Metis weren't giving up without a fight. The rebellion lasted about 3 months.
Gabriel Dumont :
Gabriel Dumont was the Metis military leader. He was a famous buffalo hunter who had led the hunt for many years
Frederick Middleton:
Major General Frederick Middleton commanded the militia during the North West Rebellion.
Edgar Dwedney
Edgar Dewdney was Lieutenant-Governor of the North West Territories during the North West Rebellion.
Sir John A Macdonald
Sir John A. Macdonald was Prime Minister at the time of the Northwest Rebellion.
Charles Nolin:
Charles Nolin was Louis Riel's cousin but they often did not get along very well. Riel tried to have Nolin shot for treason when he sided with the priests against Riel. At the trial, Nolin testified against Riel.
Father Alexis Andre was an Oblate Roman Catholic priest who spent his life working with the natives and Metis. He disagreed with Louis Riel's fanatacism and testified for the prosecution at Riel's trial.
Alexis Andre:
N.W.M.P Superintendent Leif Crozier:
Leif Crozier was stationed at Fort Carlton during the North West Rebellion. He led a group of police and volunteers from Prince Albert to retrieve supplies from the trader at Duck Lake. While doing this, he encountered a group of Metis and this led to the skirmish at Duck Lake, the first battle in the rebellion.
Louis Riel:
Louis Riel was a prominent Metis leader during Canada's early years. He led a group of Metis in a struggle for their rights that eventually resulted in the formation of the province of Manitoba. He also led the Saskatchewan Metis as they struggled for their rights.
Big Bear, Poundmaker and Wandering Spirits:
These people were cree leaders that had a major contribution in the Northwest Rebellion
Frederick Middleton vs Louis Riel
1. The Northwest Rebellion started in
D. None of the above
2.The Metis start their new life in
A. Present day British Columbia
B. Present day Saskatchewan
C. Present day Alberta
D. None of the above
3.Which of these places did the Metis attack?
A.Buffalo lake
B.Spider lake
C.Loon lake
D. None of the above
4. Who brought Louis Riel back from the U.S.A?
A. Charles Nolin
B. John A Macdonald
C.Alexis Andre
D. None of the above
1.Frederick Middleton Priest
2.John.a Macdonald Lietenaunt Governor
3.Edgar Dwedeny General
4.Alexis Andre Prime Minister
1.Louis Riel was the military leader of the Metis?
True or False
2. The Metis fought in Buffalo lake?
True or False
3.Was Big Bear an Indian?
True or False
4.Charles Nolin was Louis Riels cousin?
True or False
Demoralized, defenceless, and with no hope of relief after the surrender of the Métis and Poundmaker, most of the Cree surrendered over the next few weeks. Big Bear surrendered after a chase by the Mounties and after running out of food.[citation needed] The government was able to pacify the Cree and Assiniboine by sending them food and other supplies. Poundmaker and Big Bear were sentenced to prison, and eight other Aboriginal leaders were hanged. Riel was tried and hanged as well, sparking a national controversy between French and British Canada.
Overall Summary By: Varindra
The Northwest Rebellion was a rebellion that had been led by a Métis man named Louis Riel who believed in freedom and justice for his people. Louis Riel had lead the northwest rebellion for less than three months .The Métis had been fighting for their own land that the government couldn’t take away; they weren’t the only ones protesting a group of white settlers that lived in the area had joined them.
In fall 1884 Riel had made a petition that had asked the Métis people to sign, on March 8 1885 a meeting that would give the Métis right to own their own farm land and more (Revolutionary Bill) had happened. In March 1885 riel also formed a provincial government and a small military force that had fought mostly in Saskatchewan territory. Louis Riel had started to lose support of the white settlers that accompanied him.
The Métis had lost their leader had been captured by the government. Canada clamored for the government to take more drastic measures against Louis Riel the rebellion leader. Riel had been charged with high treason and because of his execution of Tomas Scott an English speaking man that had been executed at Fort Gary after it had been taken over by Louis Riel. Louis Riel was hanged.
Jot Notes By: Guneet
-North West Rebellion lasted less than three months in the spring of 1885
-Rebellion leader is Louis Reil
-The Metis wanted their own land and not taken away from the government
-Metis weren’t the only one protesting against the government also some white farmers lived in area where the surveying happened
-Reil started believing he was a prophet from god to lead his people
-In March 1885, Riel formed a provisional government and a small military force
Armed conflict followed Riel’s followers and government troops clashed mostly in Saskatchewan territory
-Riel lost all the support of the white settler's organization which had once allied with him
The Metis were defeated and Louis Reil was arrested
-Canada clamored for the government take tough measures against the Rebellion leader. People had not forgotten Riel's execution of English Canadian man named Thomas Scott
-Riel's trial high treason was national spectacle manipulated by Ottawa despite continuing questions about his sanity Riel was found guilty and hanged
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