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Pop Book project

No description

Mary Angevine Beck

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Pop Book project

By Gordon Korman POP Theme The theme of POP is everything is not what it seems. I know this because the town he is in at first seems boring, but ends up being very exciting. I also know this because when he first meets Charlie, he seems like a crazy old man who likes hitting teenagers, but ends up having a serious disease and becomes Marcus's best friend. Protagonist Marcus Jordan- 16 year old boy from Kansas. He is athletic, and plays corner, quarterback and fullback. Very curious. He is a student. He is nice. To the people of Kennesaw he is an outsider. He is not very confident in the beginning, but at the end he gains some self- confidence. Setting The setting of the book is a town called Kennesaw, New York. Most of it happens at Three Alarm Park or at the football field, and around town. It happens in modern time. It is football season, and around the start of school. It is hot. Kennesaw itself is not very important. It is more of a "small town, USA" kind of place. Everyone in the town knows each other, which makes it harder for Marcus to make friends. Protagonist 2 Charlie Popovich. 40 year old man former NFL Linebacker. He has Alzheimer's. He is very athletic and very forgetful. He is mischievous. Antagonist The antagonist in the book is not a person but a thing. That thing is Marcus's lack of self confidence. Throughout the book there are many times where a problem arises, and he is not confident so he backs down. It also leads to his team mates picking on him. Marcus becomes very quiet and depressed when this happens. He does not realize his doubt is causing these problems. Conflict- Internal There is internal conflict within Marcus the whole book. He doubts himself, and does not stand up for himself. This leads to him being depressed at times, and to him being picked on. External Conflict Marcus deals with conflict with Troy throughout the book. Troy doesn't want him around Charlie, so he bullies him and picks on him. Plot Summary The book starts in Marcus's hometown in Kansas. Then he moves to New York. He doesn't know anyone. While practicing for football tryouts, he meets an old man named Charlie, who seems to think he is Marcus's age. Marcus becomes friends with him. Charlie is a prankster and is charismatic. He was a former NFL linebacker. But his family has a secret they are desperately trying to hide. When he starts football, he meets Troy Popovich, and they disagree about everything, including what's best for Charlie. And Marcus is willing to risk everything to do what is best. He takes Charlie to a football game. But there Charlie runs off, reminiscing from his college days. He climbed on a high ledge, and fell. Charlie later died. Later, at his funeral, Troy and Marcus meet. Marcus feels for Troy, and they kind of bond. But things would never be the same for Marcus without the man who taught Marcus that it's all about the POP. Genre The genre is realistic fiction. I know this because it is about a former NFL player who got Alzheimer's from concussions, and all the events are believable. Conclusion You should read this book if you like sports and realistic fiction, or if you're just looking for a good read. POP is a page turner that keeps you wanting more. Thanks For Watching and Listening Devin Beck
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