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Sara Britschge

How did the moon from?

maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Sara Britschge

A claim about the giant impact suggest that the moon may have formed when a larger object maybe as big as Mars hit Earth. Forming a loop around the planet. After many years, the orbit debris collected together to shape the moon.
One claim stated that the whole solar system may have formed at the same time from a giant cloud of dust and gas that spun in space. About 99% of the dust and gas collected into a giant mass the soon became the sun, the other 1% became planets.
The moon is made of...
The moon is just like the kind of rock you would see in a garden or on a mountain. It’s a pretty ordinary object, just way bigger.
Earth and the moon
The chemical level on Earth and the moon are somewhat alike surprisingly.
Why is the moon roughly surfaced?
Over the moon’s surface lay millions and millions of giant craters. Making the surface roughly circular in shape
Why can sometimes we can see the moon during the day?
How did the Moon form??
How did the planets form?
The atmosphere on the moon is 0
How far away from Earth is the moon?
The moons orbit is oval shaped. Meaning Earth’s orbit has to change as it travels. The moon is 221,500 miles away from Earth, and at its greatest distance is 252,700 miles away.
2,237 miles per hour is the average speed for the moon to travel. As the moon gets farther away it slows down. The Earth has a gravitational pull that is very strong.
It takes 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes for one rotation
How the moon formed

Orgin of the Moon
Made by:
Sara Britschge
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