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ict and sped

No description

monique bautista

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of ict and sped

ICT AND SPED SYSTEM ACCESS MOBILE is a voice output screen reader program designed for use by individual who are blind or have low vision.
the program comes with a license for installation on any U3-enable USB thumb drive (not included). TURBO 6 TALKING BATTERY CHARGER is a voice output battery charger designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.
this unit charges upto six batteries at once, with two charging compartmments for flat 9-volt batteries and four compartments for cylindrical double-A, triple-A, C or D cells. VOICE SENSE is a braile notetaker and personal digital assistant designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.
this unit has Perkins-style keyboard for inputting informationand and synthesized speech for outputting information. VOICEBT SWITCH ADAPTED BLUETOOTH CELL VOICE DIALER is a voice activated telephone dialer designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or amputation, neurological disabilities, or celebral palsy(CP).
this unit enables the user to call, answer, or hang up with an adaptive switch. lecture #4 VOICELER INFRARED ENVIRONMENTAL VOICE CONTROL SYTEM is a voice input remote control designed for use by individuals with mobility, neurological, or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury VS COMMUNICATOR is a symbolic communicator program designed for use by individuals with cognitive, communication, or speech disabilities.
this alternative and augmentative communication (ACC) software support text- or symbol-based communication, and allows the user to access other software from within the program, including media player, text messages, e-mail, chat, calendar, calculator, environmental control, lighting, and doors. VS VIRTUACLICK a mouse emulatore designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or fine motor disabilities.
this program provides access to mouse click features in windows application for individuals who have difficulty using a mouse. VS WORDPREDICTION programmed designed for use by individuals with learning disabilities.
the program helps users with writing disabilities to write grammatically correct sentences and/or increase their writing speed on the computer. TYPE AND WRITE is a notebook/laptop computer support designed for use by individuals with neck or back pain.
it also support also serves as a writing stand. UBIDUO is a keyboard communicator designed for use by individuals with hearing or communication disabilities
this portable, wireless , stand-alone communication device facilitates simultaneous face-to-face communication by means of two displays and two keyboards. By: Monique T. Bautista
Mrs. Jannie SJ. Manimtim
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