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Rebecca Looper's Professional Portfolio

Graduate Teaching Portfolio

rebecca looper

on 16 July 2011

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Transcript of Rebecca Looper's Professional Portfolio

Rebecca Looper Professional Portfolio Welcome Teaching and Learning
Philosophy VIT Graduate Teaching
Standards Professional Practice Placement Qualifications and
Relevant Skills Contact Navigation - Use the left/right arrow on your keyboard to go back/forward. Alternatively, click the mouse to proceed to next section.
- Use the zoom function (+ or -) on the right side of the screen to zoom in & out.
- To navigate the portfolio independently, left-click and scroll with your mouse. Welcome Teaching and Learning
Philosophy VIT Standards for
Graduating Teachers Professional Knowledge 1 Professional Knowledge 2 Professional Knowledge 3: Professional Practice 4: Professional Practice 5 Professional Practice 6 Professional Engagement 7: Professional Engagement 8: Professional Practice
Placement Qualifications and
Relevant Skills Documents Contact Thankyou for taking the time to explore my Teaching Portfolio.

I may be contacted in the following ways: Email: beclooper@hotmail.com

Phone: 0413 902 844 Hi, My name is Rebecca Looper.

Welcome to my Professional Portfolio.

I have created this Portfolio to reflect my developing beliefs about education, and to communicate my personal Teaching and Learning Philosophy. Additionally, I have provided evidence of my achievement of the Victorian Institute of Teaching's Standards for Professional Practice, through which I intend to demonstrate a commitment to improving my teaching practice, through the acquisition of professional knowledge and through engagement with others in the education profession. You are invited to explore the development of my teaching practice to date. Particularly over the last four years, as I have worked towards the completion of the Bachelor of Education at RMIT University. Through completion of the Professional Practice Program, Graduate Teachers must attend to each of the eight Standards for Professional Practice, as outlined by the Victorian Institute of Teaching. These standards address the characteristics of effective teaching and establish the essential components of teachers' knowledge and practice.

I have organised evidence of my own achievement of each standard into three broad themes: Professional
Knowledge Professional Practice Professional
Engagement - Making every effort to get to know my students from day one; their hobbies, interests, family, friends and learning preferences. It is my aim to make my students feel that they are important to me, and that they are worth getting to know.
- Developing a rapport with my students, based on mutual respect, and care for the individual.
- Regarding all students as capable of learning; dedicating equal time to a range of learners when roving and conferencing.
- Engaging in discussion with mentors, to identify prior knowledge, strengths and weakness of each student.
- Seeking to understand student’s motivations (i.e. for misbehaviour), and recognising that a range of external factors will impact on their performance in school.
- Undertaking diagnostic assessment at the beginning of the school year, and of the term.
- Engaging in regular discussion with parents, to form a more complete understanding of the students that I teach.
- Considering the wide range of learning capabilities in the classroom when planning for learning. This includes catering for students with ADHD and students on the Autism Spectrum.
- Demonstrating sensitivity to a range of cultures when planning for learning. Particularly, catering for students with limited English, and recognising the impact this has on their learning. Teachers know their students I have demonstrated this Graduate attribute by: Mentor Comment: Rebecca takes the time to build relationships with students and is genuinely interested and concerned with their academic and social progress. She has a good rapport with the students. She has an ability to identify student’s needs and works hard at devising strategies that target these needs.

Kylie Giaprakis
Morang South Primary School Teachers plan and assess for effective learning - I have planned, implemented and reflected on lesson and unit plans which address relevant progression points, as indicated within VELS and the Australian Curriculum. I have demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of each progression point, and have contributed to the decision-making process in placing students on the continuum. I am aware that this process is important not only in determining students current level of achievement, but also in determining the appropriate direction for future teaching.
- I have administered running records, the read and retell, the English Online Interview, the Mathematics Online Interview, Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years, the Most 100 Used Words Testing, CARS, BURT, and Auditory Processing Testing in the early years classroom. I am however, conscious of the importance of data triangulation, through which data is assessed in context with anecdotal records, and my personal knowledge of the student as an individual.
- I have demonstrated the capacity to maintain informal observational and anecdotal records of students’ interactions with a task, and with one another. These observations often lead to a quick change in the direction of the lesson, based on students’ engagement and success.
- I have considered the benefits of Peer and Self-Assessment on student learning. Specifically, I have administered reflective journals to students, which included reflective prompts for each learning experience. I have provided opportunities for written and verbal modes of assessment and feedback.
- I have considered the implications of previous years’ data for each student, particularly at the beginning of the Prep Year, when data is obtained from a range of early childhood settings. This data provided a snapshot of a child, but was viewed in context with my own perception of the child.
- I understand the importance of Rubrics, in enabling unbiased moderation of student work. I have also experienced the ability for Rubrics to set a desired standard of work, and to allow students to set personal goals to meet the highest standard on the Rubric. I successfully developed a Rubric for a speaking and listening task, in collaboration with my Grade 3/4 student, which enabled students to peer and self-assess student work.
- I have contributed to student portfolios (hardcopy), and considered the importance of allowing students to self-select items for the portfolio. I am eager to experiment with the use of digital portfolios, as I myself have developed a digital portfolio of teaching experience.
- I have an understanding of the importance of planning for diagnostic, formative and summative assessment tasks, and am attentive to the differing ways in which each form of data will inform future teaching. I have been exposed to each form of assessment task, and the subsequent data collection and analysis.
- I have researched the importance of the provision of quality feedback in the learning process, and have undertaken an Action Research Project, which explored the implications of feedback in the Prep classroom. This approach to researching an aspect of my teaching is one which I intend to repeat in my future as a teacher, in the classroom, and on a whole-school level.
- Based on assessment data obtained during my lessons, I have worked towards personal goals with my students, so that they may share some of the responsibility for the direction of future learning. This enabled students to become more self-regulated and self-motivated.
-I am yet to participate in the Parent-Teacher Interview and Final Year Reports, but feel confident that I am capable of taking on this challenge, as I enjoy communicating with Parents and Students, and recognise that this is a vital part of my responsibilities as a teacher. I have demonstrated this standard by: Mentor Comment: With support and guidance from several generous Mentor Teachers along the way, I have thus far had experience in teaching within the following educational institutions, amongst a range of Grade Levels: Hurstbridge Primary School, Grade 2.
Wallan Primary School, Grade Prep.
Lalor Primary School, Grade 6.
Yarrambat Primary School, Grade 1/2.
Watsonia Heights Primary School, Grade 3/4.
Morang South Primary School, Grade Prep.
Laurimar Primary School, Grade One - Participating in Whole School Special/Theme Days (i.e. Footy day, Multicultural day, Pyjama day, Jelly Baby day) at each of my Placement Schools.
- Attending Senior School Inter-School Sport Program and coached Badminton Team at Lalor Primary School.
- Assisting Small Group of Grade 1/2 students in their preparation for an external Science Competition at Hurstbridge Primary School.
- Operating as a Panel Member for whole-school production auditions at Lalor Primary School.
- Participating in the Parent-Fest. An evening workshop informing parents of current teaching approaches at Yarrambat Primary School.
- Travelling with students to daily swimming lessons at Watsonia Heights Primary School.
- Volunteering at Watsonia Heights Primary’s whole school Athletics Carnival; facilitating events, record keeping and ribbons ceremony.
- Participating in Professional Development Days at the commencement of the school year at Morang South Primary School.
- Attending Prep Information Night at the beginning of Term One at Morang South Primary.
- Travelling with Lalor Primary School’s Grade 6 students, to participate in Year 7 Science Transition Program.
- Contributing to Grade 6 Graduation Rehearsals, and Final Graduation Ceremony at Lalor Primary School.
- Participating in the Year 2 excursion to Melbourne Zoo at Laurimar Primary School. Teachers are active members
of their profession In satisfying the requirements of the Bachelor of Education at RMIT University, I have completed 160 days of Professional Practice Placements in a range of Government schools in Melbourne's Northern Suburbs. During each of these teaching experiences, I maintained a high level of Professionalism; arriving to school with ample time for lesson preparation and organisation, and remaining on the school grounds after the students have gone home for the day. I addressed each student, teacher and parent in the same manner as a teacher employed at the school.

I have taken responsibility for a range of duties, whilst on placement, including marking of student’s attendance and Yard Duty. I have attended and actively contributed to staff meetings, area meetings and Professional Development Sessions. Importantly, I respect the confidentiality of these environments, and understand that trust is vital to the development of constructive working relationships. Though the role of the teacher involves a wide range of administrative duties, I am committed to prioritising the needs of my students.

I believe that my role as a member of the teaching profession extends beyond the classroom, encompassing a range of extra-curricular activities. Through involvement in a wide range of school activities, I am able to provide my students with rich, authentic learning experiences; ensuring that social and emotional skills are developed and social connectedness is maintained. Through my participation in school events and planning, I have developed and strengthened professional relationships with students, parents, families and colleague I have demonstrated this Graduate Attribute, and my commitment to the school community by: My teaching practice is guided by the belief that absolutely every child has the potential to learn, and absolutely every child has the right to an education that instills in them a life-long love of the learning process.
I am committed to continuous refinement of and reflection on my teaching practice, to ensure that my students are provided with the highest quality education. This will involve: - Catering for the individual needs of each of my students, and celebrating personal achievements.•
- Creating and maintaining safe and challenging learning experiences, embedded in authentic, real-world issues and themes.•
- Committing to participation in ongoing professional development, from colleagues, school leaders, and external educational bodies, to ensure that I employ innovative teaching and learning strategies. •
- Employing an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, that reflects the interconnected nature of content in the real world.•
- Strengthening relationships with students, parents and members of the wider school community, leading to the development of a community of learners. Zoo Excursion with
Grade 1 Students from Laurimar Primary School 2011 - Maintaining a daily reflective journal, to ensure that my teaching practice is purposeful and tailored to the needs of my students.
- Openly discussing planning and implementation of learning experiences with mentors and other teachers within the school.
- Seeking feedback from students, and applying this to future learning and teaching.
- Continually researching educational initiatives and seeking to tailor these to my own teaching style.
- Seeking and actively reflecting on mentor feedback.
- Purchasing resources and building a collection of resources, to support my developing capabilities as a learner and teacher.
- Participating in University-Based and School-Based Professional Development, to ensure ongoing development in a range of curriculum areas.
- Embracing incidental professional learning through team planning sessions, staff meetings and discussions with my mentors. I have demonstrated this Graduate attribute by: Mentor Comment: Rebecca uses her reflections and advice given by mentors, to direct future teaching and enhance her teaching practice.
Dwain Barakat
Lalor Primary School

Rebecca is enthusiastic to develop herself as a teacher. She plans detailed, engaging and challenging lessons, seeking and remaining open to constructive feedback.
Melissa Ramunno
Laurimar Primary School As an educator I believe it is vital that professional and personal learning is embraced as an on-going process. I have demonstrated a commitment to professional learning throughout my University degree, which will endure as I enter the teaching profession. Teachers reflect on, evaluate and improve their professional knowledge and practice
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