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Isle Royal

No description

Energizer Bunny

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Isle Royal

Isle Royal When was the Bedrock formed supporting the Isle Royale? 1 billion years ago. When did the glaciers retreat? 8,000 years ago. When did Native Americans mine copper on Isle Royale? 3,000 years ago. When did Isle Royale Become a national park? March 3, 1931. Where is Isle Royal located? Lake superior. How long and wide is it? 50 miles long and 8 miles wide. When did the moose arive on the island? Isle Royal Moose 1900 How did they get there? Swam how much do moose eat a day? 40 lbs What is a moose's maximum life 17 years What is the average life span 9 years What percentage of their energy do bull moose use growing antlers? 25% 25% Out of 10, cows how many will be pregnant going into winter? 8 How many cows will have surviving calves by spring? 1 or 2 What percent body weight increase do moose put on preparing for winter? 25% How many ticks might each moose have on their bodies in the winter? By the thousands What climate conditions favor tick populations? Warm Wolves weigh how much at birth? 390 grams What do pups eat? Milk from their mother and puke. How old are pups when they typically leave the pack. 1 year Who is in charge of the pack? The alpha wolf How many miles a day/year do wolves walk? 50 miles a day and 4,000 miles a year. How do wolves mark their territory? Pee and poop wolves will only attack (1) of every
(10) moose they chase. Isle Royal Wolf Wolves will kill every (8) or (9) of every moose they attack. Wolves will attack what parts of the moose? Rump and nose How many olfactorys does a wolf have? 280 million Of the wolves that survive their first six to nine months, most are dead by (3)
or (4) years of age? Every year, one in (4) or (5) adult wolves dies in a healthy wolf
population. The two causes of wolf death are primarily
(lack of food) and (other wolves attacking them). What ones show deformities in wolves? Invertibrate What is causing the deformities? Inbreeding How many pound a day can ravens eat? Does a large or small wolf pack
have an advantage over scavengers? Large
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