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The Terrible Two

No description

jamie martin

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of The Terrible Two

Let's start!!

Setting - The setting for my book is mostly at Yawnee Valley Science and Letters Academy
Characters - The characters are Miles, Niles, Principal Barkin, and Josh
Situation/ Climate - The situation is that Miles moved to Yawnee Valley but the thing is he was the best prankster at his old school. He wants to be the new prankster at his schools but there is already someone who is the prankster at the school. Miles has to up his game
Protagonist and Antagonist - The protagonist is Miles and the antagonist is Niles and Principal Barkin.

The climax in my story is when Miles and Niles agree on joining forces and they start to pull pranks on their school. I think that was the climax because that is the point when I finally found out what I was waiting for and it is also when the conflict is resolved.
Falling Action

Miles and Niles took the cows from the farm and put them into the school.
Principal Barkin found out and thought it was them but they blamed it on Principal Barkins son Josh.
The school day was canceled.
Josh got suspended.
Josh could not run for class president anymore.
Miles and Niles became the school's pranksters.

I cannot tell you the resolution to this book because it will spoil it but let me ask some questions.
Do you think Principal Barkin and Miles will ever get along?
How many pranks do you think Miles and Niles will do?
Will Josh be mad when he figures out he cant run for class president?
How do you think Josh will handle it?
The Terrible Two Plot Diagram
Book by - Mac Barnett
Prezi by Jamie M

Rising Action
The theme for my book is, this are usually not as bad as you think. I think that is the theme because in the beginning of the story Miles did not want to move but at the end of the story he was happy he moved.
The main conflict in my story is man vs man
The conflict in my story is when Miles and Niles were the two prankster and the made a deal that whoever backed out of the prank war would loose and the person who stayed in longer won
First Miles moves to Yawnee Valley
Next the principal pares him up with “the best kid in school” Niles
Principal doesn't trust Miles
Niles tries to become friends with Miles.
Josh, Principal Barkins son, was running for class president because his family, dad, grandpa, great grandpa,
were all principals and they never canceled a day of school
Miles finds out that Niles is a prankster
Niles asked if Miles wants to be partners and prank together, Miles say NO.
They made a deal, whoever backs out of the prank war first losses and the winner is the schools prankster, Miles
said okay.
They have the prank war and Niles wins but he gives Miles another chance and asks him if they want to join
forces Miles says SURE.
The protagonist and antagonist and how they changed
The protagonist (who is Miles) changed because in the beginning of the book Miles never wanted to work together with Niles in the book Miles said that he wanted Niles to stop bothering him but by the end of the book they started to work together.
The antagonist (who is Niles ) changed because in the beginning Niles was the only prankster in the school. He changed by the end of the book by letting Miles be a prankster with him.
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