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Women and Minorities in Computer Science

No description

Daniel Erik Gierl

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Women and Minorities in Computer Science

What can you do, personally,
to make CS more diverse? What do you think? Thank You References http://news.cnet.com/2008-1082-833090.html
Binkerd, Carol D., and Michelle D. Moore. "Women/minorities in Computer Science: Where Are They? No Attention No Retention." Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 17.5 (2002): 8-12.
http://delivery.acm.org/10.1145/1120000/1113041/p129-varma.pdf?ip= Why is this a problem? What are the solutions? What is the cause? Why should you care about
minorities in CS? If you are in a minority, do you
have anything to add? Expectations Computing as an avenue towards other applications, e.g. space, biotech, environment Programming for Programming's Sake
Technocentricity Gender Roles Computers are boy's toys Women are a minority in many STEM fields
Despite NO difference in ability 15-30% and falling Differentiating their first year students by experience, so that those who were behind could catch up without being discouraged Computing with a purpose Expectation that CS have to live and breathe computers; a life lived in front of a screen Higher Education can easily claim the problem is inherited Early Intervention
The Shrinking Pipeline http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/b/bb/Carnegie_Mellon_University_seal.svg/200px-Carnegie_Mellon_University_seal.svg.png Products developed by male dominated teams often neglect the half of the population not involved in the design process Airbags, Heart Valves, Voice Recognition Perspective Women: Racial Minorities: 15% and rising Students themselves sometimes find themselves feeling isolated, or being the target of subtle discrimination Missing out on incredible job opportunities Men are supposed to be the ones who are intellectual, rational, and logical http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/5/58/UCB_Seal.svg/200px-UCB_Seal.svg.png Marketing campaign emphasizing engineering being about creativity, having a positive impact on society, and teamwork Outreach program to mentor younger students Designing classes with women in mind IT is an industry with high demand for qualified workers Looking for work that is socially relevant and meaningful An industry dominated by white men, with few other role models Recruiting at events specifically aimed at women and minorities A dearth of female role models Special efforts to encourage women and minorities to join CS Safe access to facilities Professors need to give feedback to build self-esteem and eliminate discrimination Where have all the women gone?
Why are some minorities still underrepresented? Women and Minorities in Computer Science Daniel Gierl More often interrupted
Receive less eye contact
Are asked fewer or easier questions
Their names are less likely to be remembered and used Discrimination? Demeaning?
Inequal? Rationalization? Discouraging Expectations
Outdated Gender Roles
Course Load Favors Wealthy Students Stereotypes Run Both Ways CS being seen as the ultimate asocial nerds hurts participation among men too Racial Perceptions African, Hispanic, and Native American students are sometimes treated more strictly Whites and Asians are supposed to be good at CS
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