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Quality Improvement

No description

WellFort CHS

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of Quality Improvement

Nurses, Nurse Practitioner's, Doctors, Dietitians, Physiotherapist, Social Worker, Community Health Educators, Medical Office Assistants
Skills and Knowledge You Can Gain
Practical experience employing the model for improvement in a primary healthcare setting
Mentoring from BCHC staff who have in depth quality improvement knowledge regarding utilization of the model for improvement and LEAN methodology.
Learn about the CHC model and inter-professional primary care teams
Resource to other primary care organizations in implementing quality improvement to improve access and efficiency
Staff QI Training
40 Finchgate Blvd. Suite 224
Brampton, ON L6T 3J1
(905) 451-8090

- Staff attend IHI’s conferences annually
- 4 staff received training at IHI’s Breakthrough Series College
- Staff attend U of T IHI’s annual conference
- Advanced Access training
- PDSA training for all staff

Applied Projects
4 day Kaizen to improve adult preventative care examination
QIIP Learning collaborative
Health Quality Ontario IDEAS project to develop communication tools for clients
Value stream mapping process to improve our intake process for new clients
QI project to improve diabetes care
QI project to improve cancer screening rate
Staff Development
- We have hired several nurse practitioners who had internships at our centre
- Regularly accept students from a variety of disciplines from many universities including Ryerson, York and University of Toronto
At Bramalea...
Connect with us!
Clinical Application
Choose us for your IHI internship!
Organizational Application
Quality Improvement
We want YOU!
Bramalea CHC
• Shared medical appointments

• Same day appointments

• Monthly team clinical team meetings to review best practice guidelines

• Created Same Day Access Best Practice Toolkit
• Resource to other organizations in implementing QI
• Annual chart audits
• Organizational Quality Improvement plan
• Organizational QI committee

Several staff have received LEAN QI training:
Karla and Sarah
Primary Health Care Services at Bramalea CHC
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