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The proud pond project

No description

Mario Man

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of The proud pond project

By: Vicky, Hannah , and Christina! Equipment Pros & Cons Results Procedure: Objective: Problems we might face: Jobs: Question answerer: Mover: Ideas: Writer: Ally Vicky and Hannah Everybody: Model builder: Vicky and Hannah Christina Our objective is to clean but still keep natural the pond and area beside Butterfly park. We need to help the animals and plants live happily but make it still be clean and tidy for the humans to have a nice walk in the park. We don't want the area to be polluted or have garbage everywhere because this might lead to animals and plants homes and ecosystems being disturbed. We want to keep the area nice for the humans but still keep it natural. If we decide to grow plants then we will need to use plants that are already living in this area so that there will be no competition between one another.We also should not put in toxins or chemicals into the soil because even though this might benefit one species it might harm another. This is also unnatural to the environment . This might lead to one of the species becoming endangered in that area. We don't want to make the place too urban as well. We want to keep it natural for the plants and animals to enjoy their home and for people to have a nice walk in the park. > gloves > bags > nets > notebooks and pens > boots >water > dirt HAIIIIII HAIIII Some problems that we could face in the process of naturalizing the ecosystem that we choose would be:
Harming the animal habitats
Possible animal attacks
Problems with the ecosystem that could be hard to deal with while naturalizing the ecosystem
And also if the area is to clean, it might result in to much human exploration ,which also might frighten away some of the animals living at the pond.
We may also have problems with the pollution if we are to use machines during this process. The Proud Pond Project Ecosystems all around the world
should be kept natural and be
enjoyed by both by the animals
and by the humans . merp AJJJJJ This helps the environment because it makes animals home safer but still natural so that the animals can live happily and freely. It helps also by making this a happy place for the humans to go walk through the park. hopefully our warning will tell people not to make the place filled with garbage and will help keep the animals in the area where they feel secure. We do not want the area to be filled with trash because this can interfere with the ecosystem and damage homes . this might cause animals to leave and not provide a food source for other animals. the food chain would be broken and animals would starve and possibly leave the area or die or in worse measures become extinct in our area because of what we did. even though this area will be nice for the animals we also want it to be nice for the humans to be able to enjoy a nice nature walk in the park. We do not want the place to become too crowded or noisy but still be enjoyable to both animals and humans. What we will do is help the water and ecosystems around the area and will lead to a cleaner and happier area. We want to keep the biodiversity so that the animals can live where they want and eat what the want to keep them be healthy and happy. First, we would clean up all the garbage scattered around that pollutes the environment and harms animals.

We would then move all fallen trees out of the way so animals and humans don't get hurt.

We would record all the data we have received from moving things and planting new biotic plants.

We would plant new plants that would not harm other animals and/or give them a new habitat.

We would then plant new plants that already live in that area so that they do not compete for resources which might result in one species dieing or becoming extinct in that area Pros: Cons: Animal habitats
Large biotic area
Just helping the pond
May bring in new species of life
happy fresh water
clean air
nice walk in the park Human exploration
Hazardous falling trees(if our plan gets extended to a high level)
May draw in other animals and that may bring more people that will litter (which is what were trying to prevent) Why does this
help the community Even though we did not actually naturalize the pond we think that the results would be positive. We think that we would make a walk near the pond more enjoyable and natural. The animals will feel safer and have happier places to live. There will still be biodiversity and the animals will still have room to roam freely and live however they want. The food chains will not be broken and everything will be happy and satisfying. Today
how our project will benefit people today is because it will show them what a nice place we can make by all doing our part by not littering and knowing that animals need homes and that we should not ruin it. Every part makes a difference and we need to help make a change to make us as humans breath in fresh air and drink clean water and for animals to have happy lives. In The Future
In the future our project will help people because it will help them have fresh air and clean water to drink in the future by not polluting the lakes. it will also help our children live happy lives and the generations to come. <--LEAVE ME HERE The project that we did helps benefit
the idea of understanding about ecosystems.
The idea that we could go and study one, it helps to understand how they work and what goes on in them. Instead of a text book, we get close up on the real stuff.It helps us as well as the world around us understand that we can make a change in the world just by the little things we do. Biotic Abiotic -sunlight
-water or moisture
-dead plants
-other microorganisms
-beetles The biotic animals rely on the abiotic things such as sunlight and sticks for shelter and a source of water and food. This is what keeps ecosystems going and makes biodiversity. This makes there be life and a possibility for living in this area. Biotic things also rely on each other as a source of food to sustain life. The biotic animals rely on the abiotic things such as sunlight and sticks for shelter and a source of water and food. THis is what keeps ecostystems going and makes biodiversety. THis makes there be life and a possibility for living in this area. Biotic things also rely on eachother as a source of food to sustain life. Invasive: Native: Freshwater fish
ducks Beavers
Raccoons NO.... THATS WHAT U GET Pine trees
Daises Coyotes
Hawks Asian long horned beetle
Purple loosestrife
Giant hogweed
Emerald ash borer Invasive and native species. The native and invasive
species are important to the area,
it's what keeps it alive. They all compete for the
same thing; resorces.The native animal you find in this area you can find in other places too. But with competition between some of the invasive and native species, some could result in extinction, which we are trying to prevent.
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