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Facebook Basics

Part 4 of our 6-Week Social Media Series

Poms & Associates

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Facebook Basics

Facebook Basics
Is Facebook the Right Tool For You?
2. How much time are you able to spend on marketing with Facebook?
Facebook is a time commitment, you need to be able to put away 1 - 2 hours per week to update your page and respond to any comments or questions by your clients. Inactive pages with hardly any content and no participation can reflect worse on you than not having a page at all.

3. Can you think of how you would use Facebook to generate business?
You need to enter Facebook with a rough plan of how to use it and have some content in mind that is relevant. If you're joining just because everyone else is, you want to reconsider your plan and options.
To Make a Page, Or Not To Make a Page?
Did you know? You can use your existing profile page to do business without completely forgoing your privacy!

To do this, activate the Follow feature on your profile. This way, you have one group of people who are your Friends and another group that are your Followers. You can make your posts only available to either - or both.
Facebook has over one billion users and you want to capitalize on that, but remember:

Don't oversell - people WILL unfollow you if all you do is promote yourself.
From your Poms Marketing Team
Now go like Poms on
There are 3 main factors to consider when trying to decide if you should invest your time and effort into marketing through Facebook
1. Are your customers on Facebook? Facebook is not for everybody and if your target market isn't active on Facebook, you should probably use a different marketing tool.

How do you even find out if your target market is on Facebook? Look to see if your competitors are on Facebook and if they have active and engaged fan bases, if not, it might be difficult for you to find customers as well.
So Should You Join Facebook?
If your target market is on Facebook and you can think of a few creative ways to engage and interact with them, then yes. It will be worth the time you put in.
1. Click the at the top right of the page
2. Click Account Settings
3. Click Followers from the left column and then check the Turn On Follow box
For Followers - When you post something, set the privacy control as Public, this will make the post visible to everyone.

For Friends - To keep your post as only only visible to the people you have approved as friends, set the privacy control to Friends.

Custom - You can also create other lists such as Family, Close Friends etc. and then exclude them from certain business posts you know they will not be interested in.
Pick the privacy setting that is most relevant to your post - you can have a different setting for each post!
If you would rather keep things separate, we suggest making a different "company" page for yourself.

With a company page, people can start following you without you having to approve them first.

Remember to keep this page very professional and follow our social media best practices.
Use caution in combining personal posts with business and when posting personal views. If you wouldn't bring it up at a dinner with all of your clients, refrain from posting it.

Post regularly (at least once or twice a week), but don't over-post as it comes off as intrusive.
Be Funny - people respond to a humorous post 9x more than a regular post
But remember to also emphasize the severity of the situation
Use the articles posted on the Poms blog as content. Just remember to give it a short introduction so it is personalized. You can also use articles from online journals or any of the articles from your LinkedIn news feed, as long as they are relevant.
Post about a new law that has recently been passed and how it might affect your clients. You can even include a call to action and tell them to come talk to you to see how it might affect them personally.
Also, don't forget to talk about services that your clients may not even realize they need.
Facebook is about connecting and maintaining relationships with your clients, friends and community. It gives you the ability to interact and react in ways that you otherwise would not be able to.

Use Facebook to educate (safety tips, law changes, seasonal advice), promote (your community, your community involvement, your clients) and engage.

Aim for frequent and interesting posts - jokes, pictures, cartoons, infographics and videos.
Profile Pictures - the same goes for Facebook as LinkedIn, ALWAYS go with something professional.

Cover Photos - again, be professional, if you're not sure of what would be appropriate, ask marketing to help you create something.

Remember to include all your contact information.
You can also connect your Facebook to your Twitter feed so your tweets pop up on your Facebook page or vice versa.
Experiment with time of day - don't always post at the same time of day, try different times and see which ones catch the attention of your followers more.

You should only add someone as a friend if you know them personally. If you don't know someone personally but want to hear what they have to say, following them is a good option.

Remember to go to your Privacy Settings and ensure that everyone can look you up under your name and email address.

Cross promote - if you see something interesting a Poms colleagues has done, post it on Facebook - they will return favor when its your turn!
Is Facebook the Right Tool For You?
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