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Visit Malaysia Year 2014

No description

Jason Khoo

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Visit Malaysia Year 2014

Discovering Malaysia
An Exploration of Visit Malaysia Year 2014
It's finally
Visit Malaysia Year 2014
, and Malaysians will be welcoming visitors to our home.

How can Astro Radio help Tourism Malaysia promote this campaign?
Campaign Outline
How can Astro Radio support VMY2014?
Brand Presence Throughout the Year
Maintain brand presence all throughout 2014!
4x topics
; 3x variations updated monthly
: Feb – Dec 2014
Improve English or learn a foreign language to assist foreign guests;
How to be a good host to visiting foreign guests;
The importance of & ways to keep public toilets clean;
Announcers talk about their home town; etc.
On-Air: CSAs
Example Topics:
Segment Sponsorship
Runs across all
9x stations
: Feb – Dec 2014
Integrated talksets in segments can highlight – attractions and food from various states / announcers talking about their favourite local holiday / dialects/ catchphrases (for ERA fm; MY FM).
Entice & engage listeners with exclusive rewards
3-weeks in Mar 2014
Create a sentence with at least 4x different languages (Muhibbah spirit); etc.
RM 300 worth of holidays within Malaysia per contest segment
Target Audience
Who are we talking to?
Local Malaysians;
Travelers & tourists.
All races & ages;
What are we trying to achieve?
Create awareness on Visit Malaysia Year 2014
Boost Malaysia’s image as an ideal tourism destination
Encourage locals to travel within the country
Social Media Campaigns
Using Social Media to engage your Audience
"Selfie of the Month"
Runs mostly on Instagram;
Calls for listeners to submit "selfie" photos of themselves on Instagram with dedicated #campaignhashtag;
Proposing to run for
3x months, June - Aug 2014
. The theme of the "selfies" will change regularly:
Example themes:
Proposed stations:
There will be no contesting element; but contesting can be incorporated.
"How Malaysian Are You?"
Concept Outline
"Your Malaysian Is Showing"
Merdeka 2013 Campaign
Sept –
Dec 2014
Station-produced video content illustrating what it means to be Malaysian:
On-Ground Campaigns
Create hype and buzz on-ground
"Around Malaysia in 7 Days"
Follow the journey of one brave traveler as he makes his way across Malaysia in 7-days, relying entirely only on Good Samaritan Malaysians for food, transport and shelter! Can he finish his journey in 7 days?
August 2014
Proposed stations:
"The Amazing Race Malaysia"
Teams racing around Malaysia, completing challenges to progress to the finish line; following “Amazing Race” concept.
Extensive coverage for ground campaigns on stations' website & social media platforms.
Through these ventures, we can expose the audience to Malaysia's best sights & attractions, encouraging domestic travel.
Dec 2014
GoPro Footage
Proposing for additional video footage to be recorded using GoPro camera, for an exciting first-person perspective of the journey:
Social Media Coverage
CSR Campaigns
Doing our part for society, while meeting campaign objectives
Content Angle
The two most common tourist complaints about Malaysia are about dirty toilets and overcharging taxis – and Astro Radio together with Tourism Malaysia will tackle both issues via our CSR campaigns.
Campaign will run on air, on ground and with digital elements.
VMY 2014 with Astro Radio will run from Feb - Dec 2014.
Runs across all
9x stations
. All messages will carry the tag:
“... in conjuction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014.”
Why do this? High frequency messaging about Malaysian destinations; what makes a good host; and association with station talent.
Stations & Tagline
Credit mention:

"In conjunction with VMY2014."
"In conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014."
Showcasing the hospitality of Malaysians
Content Angle
Content Angle
Showcasing the sights & attractions of Malaysia
Create an activity to showcase what makes Malaysia unique.
Content Angle
Content Angle:
Showcase what makes Malaysia unique.
Are Malaysian taxi drivers really that unreliable? Tourism Malaysia and Astro Radio aim to change the bad rep Malaysian taxi drivers have and clear their name via
"Taxi of the Week"!
"Taxi of the Week"
We will distribute car stickers to taxi companies, to display in all their cabs – sticker designs will include station branding, station frequencies, and a QR code that leads to the campaign promo page with all the info.
Passengers who are happy with the driver’s service can upload a photo of the cab to Instagram, accompanied by a hashtag and short write-up about their experience.
Every week we’ll track entries with the hashtag, and pick the best entry based on passenger feedback. Both driver and submitter will receive a reward from the station, and we will highlight the winning driver on air.
Oct 2014
Astro Radio and Tourism Malaysia will teach Malaysians to never underestimate the knowledge of our locals taxi drivers with
"Reverse Cash Cab!"
"Reverse Cash Cab"
Our announcers will enter randomly-selected taxi cabs, and then start to quiz them on their knowledge of Malaysian roads, routes and attractions.
Footage recorded with GoPro and shared online/via social media.
To improve image of taxi drivers and highlight that Malaysian taxi drivers can be knowledgeable, reliable and friendly.
Oct 2014
Content Angle
Malaysian public toilets were notorious for not being very "tourist-friendly", but via our CSR campaign, we are here to change that!
"World Toilet Day"
To encourage Malaysians to ensure the cleanliness of public toilets, and educate our audience on proper toilet etiquette.
Apr 2014
In conjunction with World Toilet Day (which occurs in April), we will recruit listeners to help announcers clean public toilets.
Content Angle
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