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Copy of My life (CP4)

Prezi by Prezzip

Lauren Edmonson

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of My life (CP4)

Chapter 2:
Learning the Ropes to Make an Impact Seeing the world Redefining Rich Learning the Ropes to Make an Impact Cont'd My life Chapter 1: Growing Up
XX: Father, artist. Mother, engineer. Me in the middle.
Our Way: We Pray At My House
Trading Up: Born In Texas, Not Going To Die Here
Italian Education: The Adventures of an Expat in Rome
Detour: Study Abroad in America to be Closer to Mum During Her Illness
Graduation: XX Declaration of Dependence: Trusting In God’s Plan for Me
Radical Living: All of Him in All of Me
Cause over Comfort: Called to Serve Others
Living to Make a Difference
Liberty: Building My New Church Home2020 Vision: Impacting 10 Communities in 10 years through Life-Giving Local Churches
Founding Visionaries: Pioneering the Entrepreneurial Community of Our Church
Making the Right Investment: Financing a Gospel-Centered Renewal Meet the Boss: A Chance Encounter at the Airport Check-In Counter
Crash Course: Becoming a Consultant
Laying a Foundation: Helping Businesses Improve the Lives of Customers
Led to Lead: Meet My Mentor, Commander Bond
Road Trip: Goodbye Rome, Hello New York Right Brain Left Brain A Grassroots Movement: The Case for Customer Intimacy
Big Opportunity: Becoming a CIA Agent (of Change)
Rethink: A New Definition of Success
Solidifying My Values: Solving Problems for Social Good
New Venture: Joining Accenture Interactive Digital Revolution: Shaping the Future at Merck
Paying It Forward: Teaching Skills to Succeed
IT Matters: Technology for Change Chapter 5: Redefining Rich. Rich = Family + Purpose
Life's Treasures
Building a Family: Success Begins at Home
A Spiritual Inheritance: My Gift to My Children
Generating Social Capital: Bridging Ties in the Neighborhood
Community Wealth
The Corner Office: Using My Sphere of Influence to do Good
Diversify: Spreading the Wealth
Joining Forces: A Social Venture among Accenture, Blackboard and iMentor
Bridging the Achievement Gap: One Online Community at a Time
Breaking the Rules: Social Enterprise is the New Big Money-Maker
Unstoppable: A Movement for Change Chapter 5: Changed Lives Change the World Chapter 3: Taking it to the Limit Under Construction: Leader in Training
Armed & Ready: Survived the Core
Good to Great: Up & Coming Marketer of the Year
Advanced Education: Interning at Blackboard, Inc.
Built to Scale: Becoming a Principled Leader
Building the Culture around Us
Engage: My 275 New Friends
Dinner Series: “Family” Dinners and World Changing Conversations
Spotlight: Increasing the Digital Presence for a Local Startup
Visioneering: Leaving My Mark on the NYC Tech Campus
Ambassador for Life: Preparing the Next Generation Section under construction
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