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Middle School of the FUTURE Design

Middle school students will design a middle school for the the year 2050.

Eva Rudolph

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Middle School of the FUTURE Design

Middle School of the Future Design THINK! What would a middle school look like in the year 2050?? maybe like this or what about these? How many windows should it have?
What should be done about parking??
How will the buildings be shaped??? Brainstorm!
your task is to plan, design, and create a middle school
to meet learning needs in the year 2050 some ideas may include:
curved spaces-instead of traditional rectangular rooms
more energy-efficient features such as self-darkening windows, open spaces with natural light Project Guidelines: Make a floor plan of the new middle school Keep track of your group's design file Create a 3-D scale model of a classroom in your school Team Selection and Operation: Teams of two pick your team wisely! You will assess yourself and your teammate at the end of the week use materials provided

must include:
furniture items (tables/desks/storage units....)

cut out openings for windows and doors

include a "paper doll" student inside to help viewers understand the scale The floor plan will show the outline of each building, rooms, and outside elements.
They will also show the location of interior walls, windows, and exits.

**it is not necessary to show furniture** Presentation of your design Explain your design by presenting building designs, explaining your vision for teaching and learning in 2050
This file is a record for your problem-solving and creative process. Keep building sketches, and any type of notes.

Here are some examples of the latest in technology... Mrs. Rudolph =) Last year's projects Giant SMART Board Bean Bag Chairs Retracting windows to let in natural light on sunny days, rather than artificial light These tables were named "giant ipad tables" Elevated study area "Ocean Study Room"
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