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Argumentative Claims

No description

Drew Price

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Argumentative Claims

for a synthesis research paper Writing an Argumentative Claim Claims Express Opinions - Not Facts Claims should be Clear Claims must Incorrect: High school students use cell phones between classed.

Correct: High school students should be allowed to use cell phones between classes. Claims should be Controversial Incorrect: The federal government should legalize murder.

Correct: The federal government should endorse a religion. Incorrect: Global warming should be stopped


Correct: World governments should collaborate to reduce global warming by advocating the use of alternative energies such as solar power

- Express Opinions (not facts)

- Be controversial

- Be Clear and Specific

- Be Arguable Claims Should be Arguable Incorrect: I like to watch reality television

Correct: Television producers should increase the amount of reality television they program. Claims should have at least 2 sides: Pro's and Con's The Word "Should" should appear in your sentence to make sure you are expressing an opinion. Make sure your claim would be argued by rational and sane people - In other words, your claim shouldn't have an obvious Pro or Con that everyone agrees with. There should be at least 2 sides to the argument. Make sure you claim is not too broad or vague.
Your Assignment: Revisit your position statements and make sure they fit withing the criteria for an effective claim.
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