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Lord of the Ring's Hero Journey

No description

Briana Gilyard

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the Ring's Hero Journey

Crossing The Threshold
Night or Sea Journey
The Road of Trials
Brother Battle

The guide/mentor is supposed to help the hero prepare himself for the unknown that can happen during his journey. They also are there to guide you along the right path, and help you make decisions. Frodo's mentor throughout the movie was Gandalf. Gandalf initially told him about the ring, and continued to help him.
Supernatural Aid
After accepting the call, the hero starts his journey with a protective figure, usually an older man. This aid provides the hero with the necessary materials to defeat the enemies he is going to encounter. The whole job of this supernatural aid is to protect the power of destiny. In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo's major supernatural aid was Gandalf. However, he also had his hobbits and other races there to help him.
Call to Adventure
This stage in the journey signifies that his destiny has chosen him and he has a decision to make. The initiate is usually called to his adventure by a god or force.
In the movie, Frodo Receives the call when he first receives the ring from Gadnalf.

Answering the Call
In a hero's journey, the second step is answering the call. This is when the hero decides what choice they are going to take. They have to decide what their future is going to be. They have to either follow their destiny, or decline the offer. Frodo receives the call to adventure during the meeting of the fellowship when he realizes he is the only one who can manage the dark energy of the ring.

ritual death or dismemberment
The hero's companions throughout the journey are the people who are his friends, and also help him with his mission. The companions also help the hero with the fighting and protect him. During the movie, Frodo's companions were sam, pippin, marry, legolas, gimly, aregon, and gandolf. His most faithful companion was his sidekick Sam.
This is the phase in the journey where the hero must face a series of trials. During this time, the hero is aided by the advice, amulets, and secrent agents of his supernatural helper. In the movie, Frodo's biggest trial was getting into Mordor. Other trials faced was Gollum attacking him. He also had to face the spider layer in the third movie.
Dylan Camerik
Briana Gilyard
Daniel Lawless
Lauren Sharkey

Lord of the Ring's Hero Journey
Dragon Battle
Threshold Guardians
Crossing the Threshold
Threshold guardians are characters that try to stop the hero from traveling into new land. This can be represented by the Ringwraiths. For example, In the scene where Frodo is attempting to leave the shire. The Ringwraiths begin to chase after him, in attempt to prevent him from crossing the threshold. As you can see, the Ringwraiths represent the characters attempting to prevent Frodo from traveling into new territory
Ultimate boon

Master of the two worlds

Refusal to return

Freedom to live

Meeting the Goddess
This is when the hero is introduced to a female character. The goddess may be portrayed with good or evil. The goddess will also help the hero with his future plans. This is shown when Frodo meets Galadriel. Galadriel consuls Frodo on the future and helps guide him.
Belly of the Whale
This takes place after the hero has defeated the threshold guardians. The hero finds himself in a place that he is unfamiliar with and begins his true adventure. A scene from the movie that shows this is when the fellowship passes through the mines of moria.
Sacred Marriage
The sacred marriage could be a marriage with another character. However, it could also be if the hero shares a bond with another character. This is shown through the friendship of Frodo and Sam. One scene that shows this is when Sam saves Frodo from giving into the ring and when Frodo is about to kill Sam he stops, realizing it's his best friend, Sam
Magic Flight
The magic flight is when the hero begins a race, in order to save society. This can be shown in the scene when Frodo throws the ring into the fire, destroying it and saving society.
Rescue from Without
Rescue from without is when in order for the hero to return he must be saved by outside assistance. This can be seen when Frodo is rescued by the eagles from Mount Doom
Although seldom a true refusal, the protagonist, who should return "home" with his/her powers, ability, or wisdom, remains isolated and often faces a death of sorts. Sometimes s/he prefers to live in the enlightenment than return to a "home" that might not accept the ultimate gift.

Frodo refuses to return to the safety of the fellowship with Aragorn.
while on thier quest the hero at one point will be captured and in need of rescue. Frodo gets poisoned by the spider and then gets carried away to an orc tower and in need to be rescued by sam
The protagonist moves out of his/her comfort zone and walks alone. S/he is confronted with an obstacle that must be overcome before s/he can fully enter the dangers of the unknown journey.
In the quest there is always some elixor or form of healing that saves the heros life. Frodo after being cursed by the ringwraiths is on the verge of dying until he is healed through the healing methods of the elves
At the end of the quest the hero becomes the master of two worlds usually his own and another that is considered more divine. At the end of the trilogy Frodo joins the elves and leaves middle earth to become more divine along with the elves and become more spiritually complete
The freedom to live is when the quest is over the hero has earned the right to a happy life. In the end Frodo's life is no longer indanger and chooses to continue on his own new adventure to discover what other worlds have to offer
during the quest the hero suffers a perminent wound or scar. Frodo as he attemps to throw the ring into the valcano his fingers bitten off by Gollum in an attempt to save the ring for himself
Refusal to return home
During the quest the hero will have the option to return to the life he once had but chooses to refuse instead. Frodo at the end of the quest desides to start a new quest instead of continuing his old life in his hobbit hole
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