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Welcome the Angles family!!!

No description

Erin Erin

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Welcome the Angles family!!!

Welcome the Angles family!!!
Mummy Right
This is the angles family's Mum.
She always has her hands out virticaly because her favorite thing is giving people high 5s when they come past. She says she is the best at it in the world, well that's what she thinks.
She measures exactly 90 degrees try and think of lots of things in your house that have
right angles she will be very happy.
Daddy Reflex
Last but not least Daddy Reflex.
Daddy Reflex favorite thing is chewing and blowing bubble gum he always has the bubble gum in his mouth and blowing big bubbles.
Your probally thinking he will run out of the bubble gum but think again he has millions of packets of bubble gum and it is highly impossible for him to run out.
Also Daddy Reflex has a big long witchy nose the angle family like to call it a witchy nose.
He is always measuring 180 degrees.
Baby Acute
This is our baby sister Acute.
She always has her hands on her hips.
She says its because she's a big girl now and she knows how to write the word Big in a perfect way and she still is only 4. Well thats what she thinks.
She also can be very cute.
Baby Acute is always measuring below 90 degrees
The angles family
Hi we're the angles family.
There are 4 of us. Our names are Reflex, Right, Obtuse and Acute. We are all very different in different ways. So listen as best as you can and you will feel like you have known us since you were born.
Big Brother Obtuse
Big brother Obtuse loves making snow angles in
the cold winter snow. That why his hands are out
all the time. Big Brother Obtuse always is measuring from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.
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