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Gilded Age

No description

Adriana Maya

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Gilded Age

Credit Mobilier Scandal 1865-1969
This was a scandal that manipulated the construction companies and the finance company associated with the construction company.
This scandal was exposed by the newspaper. Ex positing the scandal helped to end it Construction of Railroads Southern agriculture received a welcome boost in the 1880’s, when machine-made cigarettes replaced the roll-your own variety and tobacco consumption spiked.
James Buchanan Duke took full advantage of the new technology to mass-produce cigarettes Samuel F. B. Morse During the 19th century the U.S. was in need of farming and railroad construction assistance
The Chinese helped by laying transcontinental railroads that held together the American Nation Technology of the Gilded Age Adriana, Sierra, Dominique, Chris, Savannah, Diamond, and Graseilla Transcontinental Railroad there was a huge boom in railroads
In 1865 there was only 35000 miles of railroad, by 1900 there was 192,556 miles of railroad. Building railroads was unprofitable in the west at first because of small populations.
States contributed land to railroads
Railroads were a way for the government to make money because their partnerships with private bankers. Who built the railroads?
most railroad workers were irish immigrants.
they got paid fairly well
In one day 5,000 men laid 10 miles of track in one day. Citations http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/t/thomasaed109928.html\
http://www.samuelmorse.net/ Chinese immigrants Built the Central Pacific Railroad
Oriental Exclusion Act of 1882 restricted asians from coming to the United States. Born on April 27, 1791
He invented the telegraph
His discovery soon changed the way the messages are sent and received in entire world
the invention of a single wire telegraph unlike the european telegraph
He was also an established painter. Monopoly: When a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular of a particular commodity. Bessemer Process Henry Bessemer created this process in 1855
This process helped remove the impurities from metal
It removed impurities from, and led to cheap and plentiful, steel. More steel was produced at a low price, more steel products were made, new inventions occurred from this, more money was made, and general improvements were made. •Assembly Line, Westinghouse Foundry, Pittsburgh, 1890: Technological innovations like this continuous assembly line created abundant employment opportunities for semiskilled workers, many of them immigrants from eastern and southern Europe. Probably no single group was more profoundly affected by the new industrial age than women.
Propelled into industry by recent inventions, chiefly the typewriter and the telephone switchboard, millions of stenographers and “hello girls” discovered new economic and social opportunities New machines displaced employees, and though in the long run more jobs were created then destroyed, in the short run the manual worker was often hard hit The Assembly Line Women and Technology Technology post-civil war was rapidly growing and had a major affect on society in the Gilded Age. During this time the media and the newspaper were both very new. The media could now spread information across the states faster American Patents were growing in popularity during the
gilded age THANK YOU! Alexander Graham Bell Thomas Edison Department Stores Coal Oil Morse also invented the morse code.
morse code is set of clots and clashes to send messages .Created by the French and the Americans soon after followed. .Made for mass produced dry goods. .The department store was a grand space both on the inside and on the outside Dumbbell Apartments .This was a style of tenement housing that became quite widespread in New York City .Dumbbell tenements were named for the shape of their floor plans .Often became badly overcrowded with immigrant tenants crowded into tiny living spaces in unsanitary conditions Henry Bessmer 1813-1898
He invented the first mass producing steal process He invented something that everyone uses every day
Can you remember what it was? 1847-1931
He successfully made the light bulb in 1879
"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."
It took him 10,00 tries to get the light bulb right Coal statistics
1800: 10 million tons
1850: 50 million tons
1900: 250 million tons Coal was need in vast quantities to run new technology
But mining was dangerous but coal was still high in demand the industry grew out of need
oil was wanted for cadle lighting and machines where being created that ran on oil The Telephone!
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