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Europe: A Peninsula of Peninsulas

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Jessica Burkhart

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Europe: A Peninsula of Peninsulas

Europe: A Peninsula of Peninsulas
The Continent
Italian Peninsula
Extends off the southern coast of Europe

Made up of the countries of Italy and the Vatican City (which is its own sovereign territory inside Rome)

Peninsula is shaped like a boot and separated down the middle by the Apennine Mountains

European Rivers
The Danube River is the longest river in Europe, running nearly 1,800 miles from Germany through the Balkans to the Black Sea
Europe has abundant natural resources that have allowed it to industrialize and support an ever-growing population

Balkan Peninsula
Located in the southeastern corner of Europe

Includes countries of Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia

Very mountainous terrain makes movement and transportation difficult

Mountain Ranges
Jutland Peninsula
Located on the northern coast of Europe, between the Scandinavian peninsula and England

Made up primarily of Denmark with a small piece of Germany to the south

Relatively flat, low-lying areas

Iberian Peninsula
Scandinavian Peninsula
Located in Northeastern Europe

Made up of Sweden and Norway

Surrounded by the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea

Glaciers helped create fjords in Norway, making its coastline another series of peninsulas
Can you see why they call Europe
a peninsula of peninsulas?

Let's take a look at each of these peninsulas individually...

Located in the southwest corner of Europe

Made up of the countries of Portugal and Spain

Separated from France and mainland Europe by the Pyrenees Mountains

Includes Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland & Greenland

Located primarily in the North Atlantic
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