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the effectiveness of symbolism

No description

Dareen Sinno

on 5 June 2016

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Transcript of the effectiveness of symbolism

the effectiveness of symbolism
Main Idea
Symbolism is a way that an author uses symbols to represent an idea he/she wants to deliver. In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez, and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, both use a lot of symbols to enhance their story’s purpose. Symbolism may be animals, human characteristics, nature, a situation, and many more. There are two kinds of symbolism; general and specific.
Semester 2 Exam: Research Paper Presentation
Kinds of symbolism

Example - IN the time of the butterflies
How does symbolism make writing effective
Example - things fall apart
There are two types of symbolism; specific and general. The general symbol has a universal meaning, while the specific symbol does not. Julia Alvarez and Chinua Achebe’s books both contain a large amount of specific symbols; however, there is a bit of general symbols thrown here and there.
The meaning behind the butterflies could be a specific, or a general meaning. The specific meaning of the butterflies is that it symbolizes the Mirabel sisters, while the general symbol of the butterflies is that the butterflies have a known symbol of freedom and independence
Authors use many literary devices to enhance the meaning behind their story; however, the use of symbolism is the most effective. It is effective in a way that the symbolism used would give the reader a visual picture of what the author is trying to convey. If the reader is able to get a picture in their minds while reading, it would allow them to understand the overall meaning of the story.
“Fire” is a symbol that could also be represented as general and specific symbols. In a general meaning, fire symbolizes chaos, anger, and war. While the specific meaning in Achebe’s book is that it symbolizes the rage and anger in the character’s actions and emotions
Usually, stories alone could be a bit shallow in meaning, while themes alone could be meaningless; however, symbolism brings the two together. The use of symbolism enhanced the meaning and the message of the two stories.
So, If an author chooses to use only one symbol throughout the novel or book, you will still be able to identify or divide it into two general meanings and two specific meanings
Informational Video about symbolism
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