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Internet safty

No description

Maximos Nolan

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Internet safty

Internet safty
tips from Maximos nolan Helpful vedios on enternet vedeoes Buying stuff on ebay.
If your online and you go to buy stuff.com and you see a pocemon card...... 1st of all no one plays pocemon at all today but thats not the point when you purchase it make sure that you see if they ever sold anything or ripped someone off don't buy from you. Tips from when you go online:
Ask a responsible gardian that you will be using the world wide web
When you get on make sure to be respectful
Dont talk to strangers
Dont be a troll
Be nice
Don't buy anything without your gardians permition. Don't be a troll!!!!!! Here I will show you when something is going wrong on the internet.

1st example so say you are on a computer and theres a website that is called OMG YOU WON A MILLION DOLLORS.com and you click on it. It is obiusly fake and a lie there may be some creep on there who asks you where you live. Dont give away your personal info!!!!!!!! Such as age where you live you're E-mail address or your phone number. If you do this stuff go tell your mom dad or grandma to help you if this problom occurs on the internet.

2nd example You are playing the best game ever Leauge of legends, and a person says that you are good at the game and you say thank you. Next he asks you what your name is. CAUTION!!!!!! he asked you for your name you dont know him he could be your age he could be a fat guy living in his parents basment or he could be a normal person. Dont give away your info

What could happen if I do this stuff? Well if you do this the dude knows everything now so if he comes to your house and kid-napps you its all your fault.

Example 3 you are playing World of Warcraft and some dude is saying youre soooooo cool and you should meet up IRL in real life and do something. It turns out you live close together so you go downtown to the pasta pig and you wait for him. It turns out he is a 45 year old man and he is not marryed and does not have a job CAUTION!!!!! why did you meet him? you should not of met him you should of said no turned off your computer and done something else!

Thats how to be save theres still a lot more to learn. If you are a troll you are a big fat jerk. Period. You should never herrass anyone on the world wide web. If you do that they can do comacosee and you could go in jail remember BEARS, Be respectful Everyday Always be respectful and Safe Computer helth
If you own a computer then you need..................Virus protection its easy but.... Lets say your exploring the enternet and you see the same website OMG YOU WON A MILLION DOLLORS!!!!!!!! and they want you to download something and your credit card number they will take your money and go to mexico...... remember dont download anything if it has no +1 What to do if you are playing a game.
When you are in the chat room say hi to everyone and dont start a argument and just say hi. Next play the game if the person asks you to do something in the game say ok bro anytime
But if g=he say this: LAWL NOOOOOOOOB YOUR A BIG FAT PERSON YOU NOOOOOOOB BBQ NOOB BBQ NOOB BBQ TRIOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO. don't feel bad thease people have no lives this spend there day working at pizzahut and live in there parents basement and troll you ask them stop bro not cool bro. And if they dont put them on ignore if you can't LEAVE THE GAME!!!! thats it sup People can be a big pain in the behind so don't let thoes people get on your nervs remember your better than they are! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxmi8Bo600Y&edufilter=r4vA1Hz53jdhgFx1q3QG_A Do you want to be found? of course not so listen to max nolan ill explain everything here. Trolls look exacly like this picure below: Online reading:
There are some websites like READNOW.com
and you read a comic the super bros and the new addition comes out in 51 days from the nand they are selling it ONLINE.
This is bad they are copywriting or doing a fake one don't buy it if there is a music website called disturbed+.com and they sell it the seller is call billybobbobjones-=) and not disturbed they might of copywrote it don't support it don't but the music. Most of the time you don't say anything but I use sarcasm such as:
person lol noob u bad
Sorry im bad I acualy have a life sorry bro I cant do better:)
Also if you are playying and someone ask you your sooooooo bad you baddie trololololo
You just ignore them or say HEY THERE ARE KIDS PLAYING THIS GAME calm down bro:)
Its just a game not reall life
unless this is your life.
These are fun vedeos about people with internet bullies who get JUSTICE!!!!!!
Robert Other questions asked:
How do I use the eternet if i don;t have a computer?
Public library
How do I make sure I didn't download a virus?
You can go into best buy to ask them. I have bought stuff on E-bay and I got it. I asked my mom and dad and i got a cool gumball machene. I f you spend 95463 on a rare item on ebay And its not from a company then it is probably a scam ! So don't buy it!!!!!

Lets say you see a advertisement Dog island put your dog on i island to eat rabbits you see the dogs every september send your dog here for 599$ a year!!!!!!!! CALL NOW!

Scam it is not real no one would use it and who would be incarge of this? probably a phyco person
They didnt give away any info on the pament o its not real.

Go to dogisland.com and see for yourself its a scam!!!!
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