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6th Grade Back to School

No description

Dave Crowder

on 18 August 2018

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Transcript of 6th Grade Back to School

This entire class is online at http://mrcrowder.us Use the Calendar page to find out what's coming up a week ahead. Look in the Archives section below the calendar to find out what assignments and tests I've given in the past to stay ahead, or to help study for upcoming quizzes and finals. Homework assignments are on this page, projects, examplars, and even the online textbook!
Grading Policy
Grades are based on the work only.
Pride Grade = 0% (Homework & Oganization)
Formative = 40% (in class work, Labs, etc)
Summative = 60% (quizzes & tests)
Anything except tests and quizzes can be made up for FULL credit at ANY time during the Semester. No credit is taken off for late work! However, procrastinating is detrimental
You may bring a computer to school for the year and create a paperless work flow. It must be at least 10 inches wide (for typing), and only after signing this electronic device contract where students promise to stay on task and use their devices appropriately:


Bring Your Own Device!
Science with Mr. Crowder
The Class Website
A short research Homework assignment is given once every week. Always on Monday, and due on Wednesday. Students first share with each other before turning them in. When the Monday isn't a school day, during state testing, and Semester Finals weeks, there is NO homework.
Your child will have a quiz roughly once every other week. They will have 2 semester finals. One just before winter break, and the other on the last week of school. These are pretty tough, so they get an extra study day to prepare. Every test is seen 3 times! Once to help prepare, then the test is taken the next day, and third, when the test is returned, all answers are reviewed.
Our lab conclusions have four parts:
1. Purpose and Hypothesis
2. Background Information
3. Important Observations - Hypothesis correct or not? Explain why the lab results came out this way. Include at least 3 pieces of data (should be the longest part!)
4. Errors and Similar Labs
LMS Lab Conclusions
6th Grade Science Projects
6th Grade has 1 mandatory Science Project due Oct. 26th, last minut-ers Nov. 2nd. Your child may ONLY have 1 partner if they are already friends, live close, and BOTH sets of parents agree!
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