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Synthesis vs. Analysis

No description

Paige Jones

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Synthesis vs. Analysis

Could You Explain That?
What Is Synthesis?
"The composition or combination of parts or elements so as to form a whole" (Webster's)
So what is Analysis?
"Detailed examination of the elements or structure of something, typically as a basis for discussion or interpretation."- Webster's
Give Me An Example!
Tips For Synthesis Writing
If synthesis is being given the ingredients and combining those ingredients to make a cake, then Analysis is being given a cake and pinpointing the ingredients that were used to make it.
How to make it all come together!
Create a clear and concise thesis. Be sure what point you are arguing and what direction you plan to take
Thoroughly analyze your sources and be sure of how you will use them to support your thesis.
Organize your paper. See how sources not only support your thesis, but how multiple sources can support each other, and make your research more credible.
Make sure that you cite your sources correctly
Tips For Analysis Writing
How to see what you've been missing !
Create a specific, arguable point for your thesis
Focus on specific information that is given by your sources
Uses sources as well as secondary sources to defend your argument.
How Does Analysis Apply To A Research Paper?
Use analysis as a way to dissect your chosen sources.Instead of simply taking that source at face value, think of ways that you can find the deeper meaning within the text by focusing on a specific attribute,theme, or argument that the text presents and elaborating on it. ( Purdue)
Synthesis vs. Analysis
Think of synthesis as you would a
recipe for a cake. The recipe list the ingredients for the cake: eggs, milk, cream, flour etc. These things alone do not make a cake, however, combining them in the correct way does ! Your sources are the ingredients given. Combining them in the correct way will help you to create the cake that is research.
How Does Synthesis Apply To A Research Paper?
Use this method as a way to create a dialogue between your ideas and the ideas presented by your sources. It is important to note that synthesis does not mean summarize, but to combine these opinions in order to form a valid point or opinion. ( MSU)
( Owens)
( Purdue)
Structure of an Analytical Essay:
Summary of the work
Your argument
Structure of a Synthesis Essay:
Support ( at least 2 sources to support your claims
Call to action
( Southwood)
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Good Luck With Your Research Essay!
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