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Customer Loyalty

No description

zoe fairbairn

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Customer Loyalty PLAN Customer Relationship Management Challenges of CRM Deliver Managing the relationships that exists between a company and its customers not one customer not two but many customers.
CRM is model for managing a company’s interactions with customer’s clients, and sales prospects.
It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. 'the customer is always right' ERP systems collect data from across an organization and correlates the data generating an enterprise wide view Very involved in twitter
People send in pictures and tweet
Pure Pepsi
Can get updates about events going on and new products

Social network with in Pepsi Pulse where fans can talk to other fans and “Make some noise”

Environmentally Conscious
Helped with hurricane Sandy efforts
Water.org Pulse Started in 1893
About 150 countries
"Live for NOW" Pepsi Appeals to the current generation ` My Coke rewards
Set up an account
When you purchase drinks, they give you a code
Enter in that code online to get points
Then you can spend points on things like charities, helping schools, rewards and sweepstakes.

Very Environmentally involve
Recycle bank
Sustainable report
Water conservation
Climate protection (Polar Bear) Appeals to Ethos, Very “Feel Good”

- Started in 1886
- It is now in 200 countries
- #1 on Facebook for having the most consumer fans with 44 million likes

Coca Cola Freestyle
Let’s you personalize your drink.
Choose your drink then choose the flavor you want.
We have one in the Ag. Science building if you want to try it out! Coca Cola Stats
1. More people preferred to have a Coke over Pepsi.
2. But if they wanted neither, they still chose more Coke products than Pepsi.
3. If they chose a Coke, they were generally less picky about other products.
4. It they chose the Pepsi, they tended to stick to other Pepsi products Coke Vs. Pepsi Supply Chain Management Five basic supply chain activities SOURCE MAKE RETURN 1.Over view of Supply Chain Management (SCM)
2.Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
3.Overview of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
4.Compare and Contrast Companies and their Customer Loyalty
Salma- Walmart/ Carrefour
Zoe- Nike/Adidas
David- John Deere/ Others
Yeudy- Microsoft/ Apple
Cat- Pepsi/ Coke Intro Lots of products to one customer

1. List Generator: compile information from websites, questionnaires, surveys, and marketing mailers, and segment for different marketing campaigns.
2. Campaign Management: guide users through marketing campaign by planning scheduling, segmentation, and success analysis
3. Cross selling and up-selling: selling additional products & services to an existing customer. Adding to the value of sale (super-size) Marketing and Operational CRM SFA (Sales Force Automation) automatically tracks all the steps in the sales process.
1. Sales Management CRM systems: automate each phase of the sales process to help individual sales representative coordinate and organize all the accounts.
2. Contact Management CRM systems: maintains customer contact information & identifies prospective customers for future sales
3. Opportunity Management CRM systems: target sales opportunities by finding new customers or companies for future sales. Sales & Operational CRM Continual effort of by building strong lasting relationships
1. Contact center: customer service representatives answer customer inquiries and solve problems.
2. Web-Based Self Services: allow customers to use the web to find answers to their questions or solutions to their problems.
3. Call Scripting: gather product details and issue resolutions information that can be automatically generated into a script Customer Service and operational CRM * Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
Is the area of business intelligence (BI) involved with monitoring and managing an organization's performance, according to key performance indicators
* Customer Interaction Management (CIM)
is responsible for managing the interaction between an organization and its customers.
* Software as a service (SaaS) CRM, managed in the Cloud Compounding
Is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet.
* The rise of social CRM
A business strategy, supported by a technology platform, processes and social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment. Future of CRM ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING Conclusion John Deere End John Deere to Pioneer Adapter CRM Strategies Apple vs Windows

A store for loyal customers Be exclusive: Are you a Mac? Are you a Windows? Consistency: Apple customers will rarely be surprise if a new product is way different than its predecessor. While windows users are more open to new designs because Microsoft does not build all windows devices. vs. Nike consistency quality the name marketing the people Jordan unique expanding sponsoring variety Adidas specific soccer just do it impossible is nothing fifa large scale events better prices morally acceptable generation Y female Consistency promotions expansion quality discounts family keep it up Analytical CRM Information about customers and products that was once impossible to locate Find new customers, exceed customer expectations, discover what the firm does best, eliminate competition, care about customers A company's most valuable asset are NOT the buildings or the equipments but the customers
So your overall goals are:
To find, attract, and win new clients
Serve and retain those the company already has
Entice former clients to return, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service Why does a company need to build this customer relationship? How Did CRM evolve through time and as the business evolved With the apparition of the internet in the early of the 90’s and the creation of the web 2.0 in the beginning of the 21 century made it easier to the companies to get closer to the customers Using...
Email and other ways of communication
Search history ...
Working with the marketing departments to identify and target their best customers
Improving telesales, account, and sales management by optimizing information shared by multiple employees, and streamlining existing processes
Formatting individualized relationships with customers
Providing employees with the information and . How can a company manage its relationships with its customer? 1. If a company does one thing wrong, it could affect them a lot more now than it would have a decade ago.
2. If you upset a customer, they can contact hundreds of thousands of people over the internet compared to before when they could have written a letter to the business What is CRM ? Verizon Zoe, Dave, Cat, Salma, Yeudy Reporting Asking what Happened... Analyzing Asking why it happened... Predicting Asking what will happen... 3rd largest public corporation
largest retailer in the world
Has 8,500 stores in 15 countries 2nd largest retail group in the world in terms of revenue
9000 stores in 21 countries Location Selection Pri$e Loyalty to the leader because... 1. 5 SCM activities
2. CRM is the way in which a company deals with its customers. There are both benefits and challenges associated with CRM
3. ERP collect data from across an organization and correlates the data generating an enterprise wide view.
4. From the different company comparisons we can see that they all have a different way of handling their customers. As long as it is generating revenue, there isn't really a wrong way to do it. "The fly in the ointment is that typically only twenty percent of a firms customers are actually profitable and many often most of a companies profitable customers are not loyal." Agree or Disagree
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