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What does a good netizen know?

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ethan axness

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of What does a good netizen know?

What does a good netizen know?
A netizen is a citizen of the internet.
These netizens should be able to know the laws of the web, the terms of use that an owner has on his or her site, and how to be a friendly netizen.
For those of you who don't know about internet safety like a experienced netizen, some tips are:
. be cautious of unknown users
. use the web legally
. do not go on unknown chat websites
.never give out personal information
These are the properties that every good netizen should know.These properties include:
This form of bullying occurs in things such as the internet, texting, emailing,and chat pages. This is a very bad type of bullying because once something is out on the web it is very hard to delete it. Any good netizen should know not to allow this to happen. A fast solution to the problem is the best way to solve this.
A Good Website
A good website is one that you can trust to get information from. A good website should have:
.no opinions unless quoting somebody
. information of the author of the website and the date the website was updated and made

A Netizen on the web
Safety Tips
Intellectual Properties
.creative commons- a version of copyright in which it is easier to allow people to view
.copyright- the law that protects your work from being copied and used in certain ways that are not allowed
. fair use- the allowance of certain groups to view and use different sources of text
The End
This prezi has to do with the knowledge that every good netizen should know.
Some sources of information come from:
. www.wikipedia.com
.images from www.google.com
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