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Coraline Scene Analysis Task

No description

Lauren Gilroy

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Coraline Scene Analysis Task

Coraline Scene Analysis Task
Other Mother
Music & Sound
Lighting & Colour
Camera Angles
The Dining Table Scene
* It’s the first time the ‘other mother’ tries to lure Coraline

* Coraline enters through the ‘thought to be closed off’ door after a disgusting frozen meal with her family.

* Coraline takes the tunnel over to the other world and the viewers know immediately that something is not right.

• There is light and music and the colors have brighter hues.

• Coraline sniffs the air and smells something good.

• None of these things would happen in her real world.
• Coraline walks into the warm, bright kitchen filled with little decorations and sees what she thinks is her mother.

• Viewers are know that something isn’t right. The mother’s eyes are buttons.

• In Coraline’s real world she would have found her father hunched over a computer

• This father is engaged with Coraline and write a song about her.
• This lets the viewers know the differences in both the worlds’.

• The three seating table is now a formal dining table, lights are dimmed and an extravagant three course meal has been prepared.

• The ‘other mother’ will do anything for Coraline whereas he real mother wouldn’t even cook a meal.

• The meal consists of a whole roast chicken, rice, peas, corn on the cob, half pineapple, roast potatoes and little sauce containers filled with delights with a candelabras.
• To add to the opulence, a miniature train with gravy fulfills another one of Coralines needs; her craving for gravy.

• Coraline asks for a mango smoothie.

• She drinks up noisily and the ‘other mother’ she just laughs.

• A huge cake with pink icing which magically writes ‘welcome home Coraline.’
Versions of reality
• Coraline wishes for a more exciting life with a better family.

• Coralines discerning nature knows that usually when a situation is too good to be true, it usually is.
• Coraline’s feels that her real family care of her.

• The other family provides her with food, support, love and care. All of these things Coraline’s craves.

• Coraline soon realizes although her actual family may not be perfect, they are her family and a real family is irreplaceable.
Love of Food
• Coraline sees food as a time for family, a reason to sit around the table and eat together.

• Which is something that she didn’t do much of in the her real world.

• The ‘other mother’ uses food for love
• Calm and peaceful music.

• Coraline’s father plays a song played on the piano which gives off a happy vibes.

• There is a sudden crash of thunder and lightening. Which gives the audience an insight that something evil is happening.
Sound Effects
Examples of Sound effects:
Starting bell for dinner
Gravy train whistle
Other mother tapping her fingernails
Talking with mouth full
Thunder, lightening, rain
Point of View Shot
Birds-eye view
Medium Close up
Two Shot & Mid Shot
Mid Shot
Wide Shot
Close Up
Point of View, Two Shot & Over the Shoulder Shot
Cut In
Two Shot
Three Shot
Over the Shoulder Shot
Close Up
Thank you for Watching!
Name: Coraline Jones
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Address: Pontiac, Michigan
Hair colour: Blue
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: White
Name: Beldam
Age: 150
Personality: Friendly, sweet, carefree loves life and would do anything for Coraline.
Quote: "They say even the proudest spirit can be broken by love"
Fact - The beldam has no true form. She morphs into different forms depending on the child she is luring into her trap.
Other Father
Name: N/A
Age: 40
Personality: Joyful, Outgoing, Musical
Quote: "No need to! This piano plays me! "
Fact: The other father was created by Beldam
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