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AP Style Intro

No description

Katie O'Mara

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of AP Style Intro

AP Style & Grammar
What We're Doing
AP Style rules
Common grammar errors
Review Game

A writing style guide
"AP" stands for Associated Press
Helps maintain consistency among stories no matter their origin
What is AP Style?
Get your AP Style Book!

Online/App - updates automatically
Physical Book - We have classroom copies!
10 Need-to-Know AP Style Rules
1. Internet, email and website
Not internet, e-mail or Web Site
2. Titles
Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer
3. Over vs. More than
Less vs. Fewer
There are more than 150 people in ImPRessions.

Obama is flying over Pennsylvania to get here tomorrow.
There are fewer people in this room than there are in the world.

I have less food now than I did last week.
4. Numbers
Numbers 1-9 are written.

Numbers 10 and beyond are written as numerals.
I have three dogs.

There are seven boys in class.
Our office has 15 employees.

Hiking up Morton Hill burns 7,000 calories.
5. State Abbreviations
State abbreviations for mailing aren't the same as those for AP Style!
*For complete list, see AP Style Book.
Athens, Ohio
Nashville, Tenn.
6. Addresses
Abbreviate Ave., Blvd., St. when including house number.

Never abbreviate Road, Alley or Drive

Directional adjectives abbreviated with house numbers only.
1804 Ohio University Ave.
Presidential Street
247 Awesome Alley
Rocky Road
North Court Street
18 S. Bobcat Road
7. Ages
Always use numerals
Adjective or noun = hyphenated
The 9-year-old girl...
He was 20 years old.
A 14-year-old called the police.
8. Publications
"The New York Times"
Never italicized
9. Commas in sequences
I always carry my phone, bookbag
and computer.

She would like the cheeseburger, fish sandwich or chicken tenders.
10. a.m. & p.m.
Never capitalize
No extra periods if ending a sentence
Don't use :00
"noon" or "midnight"
It is 7:30 p.m. Let's start our next activity at 8 p.m. and go to bed by midnight.
10 Grammar No-Nos
1. Agreement
Tenses and persons must agree
If one wants something, he must have gone to get it.
If one wants something, one must go get it.
2. Because vs. Since
"Since" cannot replace "because."
NOT: Since we are already here...

CORRECT: Because we are already here...
"Since" refers to time.
Since our last discussion...
3. Toward(s)
4. "Due to"
Does NOT mean because
NOT: My paper got wet due to the rain.
CORRECT: My paper got wet because of the rain.
Correct usage of "due to"
My paper is due to my professor before our next class.
5. Who vs. Whom
General Rule: Who replaces "he," whom replaces "him."
To whom do I call? I call to him.
Who called me? He called me.
6. Which vs. That
Clauses that begin with "which" are unnecessary and should be separated by a comma.
Clauses that begin with that are the opposite.
I love cheese, which can be unhealthy if I eat too much.

I love cheese that is processed.
7. That vs. Who
Always use "who" when discussing a person.
I have a friend who loves to cook.

The dog that caught the bone won the game
8. While vs. Although
NOT: While I agree with your argument, I think class should be rescheduled.

CORRECT: Although I agree...
9. I feel "like"
Unless you're saying you feel like silk, use "as if" or "as though."
I feel as though I need a nap.
10. Annual
There is no such thing as "the first annual" event!
Only events that have occurred for two or more years can be considered "annual."
Now let's test your skills...
1. Find a partner.

2. Put your notes away.

3. Keep your paper face down until I say go!

4. The first team that finishes (with correct answers), wins!
Thanks so much for coming!
I'm a grammar-nerd.

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