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No description

Reyna Rey

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Warriors:

3 Facts About Author:
Erin Hunter is not a real author but instead authors.
Main Conflict:
The type of conflict this book has is person vs. person.
Falling Action
Once Firestar found Bloodclan's leader, and hurt him badly, all of Bloodclan retreated and the 4 clans won the battle.
This book has this genre because it:
has talking animals
can't happen in real life
has journey's
Thunderclan has already brought Tigerclaw to exile. Afterwards, Tigerclaw went to Shadowclan and became their leader. He then brought a clan from far away to be able to get all of the land. when in battle, Tigerclaw betrayed that clan died himself. However, the other four clans fought back and won.
The Darkest Hour
Care and Compassion can give you the advantage over others.
By: Erin Hunter
Presented by: Reyna Rey
They all have different rolls on the books.
The authors have created at least 10 series and each series has at least 10 books in it.
In a land filled with cats of different clans, their is Firestar, leader
of the clan of thunder, and Tigerstar, the leader of the clan of shadows. Firestar and all of the clans are doing great with food and keeping out of danger.
Rising Action:
But then, Tigerstar started to want more power than he already had and wanted revenge for what the clan of thunder did to him. so he traced another group of cats called bloodclan to fight with him. Once they came, Tigerstar turned against them and bloodclan's leader killed him and the other 4 clans prepared for there land to be taken away by them.
During their battle with bloodclan, the four clans were starting work together.
But they were still losing and they needed to get
rid of their leader quicker to make them retreat.
When they went back to there homes, they took care of the wounded and became proud of there victory to keep there clans safe.
The main conflict is that type because the four clans are against Bloodclan and the leader of the clan of shadows which is Tigerstar.
Tigerstar - The leader of Shadowclan
Bloodclan - a clan not part of the four clans
Firestar-The leader of Thunderclan
Four Clans- Thunderclan,
Shadowclan,Riverclan, and Windclan

The Darkest Hour:
They face their problems
they stay in their clans
only had one problem
They run away from their problems
are moving to a different place
have multiple problems
The Darkest Hour:
Both have the same clans
Both have met different clans/tribes
Both have Tigerstar in it.
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