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elmio eldemispadres

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Ingles

ilazy As easy as sleeping We bring to you the new glasses that
will make your head spin and turn
your world upside down But, why should you buy them? What makes them diferent from the
other glasses? And, why are they called ilazy? The "ilazy" glasses were made specifically
thinking in you They are the first glasses that combine
high tech and an amazing design into
the most cool and useful gadget in the
market But, what makes them that awesom,
is that they can take notes for you!!! So let us tell you more An easy example of a situation
where a pair of "ilazy" would
save your life So, imagine that you've got
the most boring class at 7 a.m.
and you didn't sleep well the night before... You would fall asleep, wouldn't you? But, if you had your
ilazy with you, there wouldn't be a problem,
because they would be taking notes for you From now on, this is what you'll be
doing when you're in a boring class
while your ilazy do the work And no one will awake you, if everyone in your class uses ilazy But this is impossible, how
are glasses able to take notes? Well my friend, nowadays it
is pretty basic The iLazy includes a camera
that takes pictures when
activated And later you just have to use the Wi-Fi to connect the
ilazy with your computer or smartphone and automatically a text processing software will convert the pictures into text \ (-.-) / Only with authorized distributors ilazy As easy as sleeping
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