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Copy of Chalkboard Prezi

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Sarah Fiske

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Chalkboard Prezi

Farrah Anene, Leigh Zioske, Sarah Fiske WHAT IS PRESENTING? The process of getting a specific message across to a specific audience through various channels. The three components
of presenting THE MESSAGE THE AUDIENCE Know who you are speaking to.
Establish credibility.
Understand physical limitations. THE CHANNEL Choose a channel that's appropriate for your audience and the environment. So what does it take to become an expert? A PRESENTATION
ON PRESENTING planning research credibility professionalism Have all of your files in order, test your equipment beforehand and PRACTICE. Be well versed in your subject matter and be ready to answer questions. BE CONFIDENT. Be aware of such things as your posture, eye contact, tone of voice and articulation, "um"s and hand gestures. TIME MANAGEMENT. DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Example of a
good presentation Be clear. Be concise.
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