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Who's Desperate?

Todd Denton

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Desperate

“People say a lot of amazing things about me as a teacher. They’re all true.” “When I am teaching, I’m thinking about teaching.
When I’m not teaching I’m thinking about teaching,
and when I’m not thinking - I’m thinking about teaching.” “My awesomeness astounds me.” “Of course you can observe me mastering my craft. But come prepared to do a teacher metamorphosis. I will shock and awe you!” “I eat, sleep, drink, and perspire teaching-
it pours out of my sweat glands
in a perfume of professionalism.
That’s why I have pit stains.” “The Beatles said they were bigger than Jesus. When I think about myself as a master teacher, I wouldn’t put it in those terms….exactly. Of course, I read all the latest, cutting edge books on best practices and subscribe to all the greatest educational magazines, so I guess you could say I am working on it.” “In my students minds, I am more generous than Santa. I hop better than the Easter Bunny. I do a more impressive Irish jig than the leprechaun. And it’s all true. I can do a pretty mean jig.” “My students love me more than their mommies.” “Could I be a mentor teacher? Sure. But will that person become a teacher of my caliber? No, that will never happen. I was just born with greatness and that greatness can’t be taught. “I am a teacher like Mozart is a composer and like Aristotle is a philosopher. Will I continue to stand in the pantheon of the great ones? I believe so. If the Mayans were correct, that only leaves me two more years. I’m slowly coming to terms with that.” “I do Atlas in my spare time.” “Students frequently wet themselves in my
classroom. My mini-lessons are seriously
that exciting.” “I expect that in twenty years from now, one of my
students will come tell me that I was their inspiration
to become President of the United States. I’m
tremendously excited for that day to come. I’ve already
added it to my i-cal-- it’s important to be organized. “Sure, I’m critical of everyone’s incompetence.
But I am a critical friend.” “I should be principal.” “I like to speak in the 3rd person. Sometimes I say things like, “Amy Hossack is deserving of the desperate award.” Amy is an incredibly caring instructor who challenges her students every day. I think her strength lies in her knowledge of where each student is at and her ability to move them forward. She also has a great sense of humor, a lot of patience, and really, really enjoys teaching. - Sacha Amy really understands the connection between technology and the classroom. She is very creative in her use of technology in a variety of subjects. – Simon “I like to speak in the 3rd person. Sometimes I say things like, “Amy Hossack is deserving of the desperate award.” Amy is just so in tune with her kids She knows her kids
really well, knows them individually, and has a heart of gold.
She is one of the reasons Eric and I picked this school. She took
her time to talk with us on our visit, and so impressed
by her glowing personality and professionalism.
- Beth Tucker Contratulations Amy!! "Oh my goodness, they are all so talented. You really can't just pick one over the other."
- Kathy Nutting "People say a lot of amazing
things about me as a teacher.
They're all true."
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