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No description

Brandon Headrick

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of revolver

by Mark Sedgwick This story takes place in Nome Giron and Alaska in a cabin in 1900-1910. The main characters are Eniar (the father of two children), Sig (Eniar's son who is the youngest), Anna (Enair's daughter the oldest who is very smart), and Naida (Sig and Anna's step mom who carries around a very important bible and does not like guns). Setting and main caracters The conflict in revolver is that Sig likes firing his fathers gun, and having his father teach him all about the gun and how it works because it interests Sig. He doesn't want to dishonor his step mother's bible teachings . In the end Sig made a choice that was half way in between his mother's and fathers teachings. Conflict The resolution to the book is Sig gave Wolff the gun and new that if Wolff put a new round in the gun it would explode. So Wolff did what sig new was going to happen and then ran off to the hard snow were he could stand on the hard snow but Wolff was to heavy and would fall through. He didn't have to use violence but used knowledge which his father tough him Resolution I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action and knows something about guns and enjoys them. Recommendation The theme of revolver is peace and violence and within the upbringing of a family. For example the Nadia always wanted to teach peace and Eniar thought knowledge which may involve violence. Theme The plot was a story of a 14 year old boy and his family in the violent days of the Alaskan gold rush and the Vietnam war. Plot Nadia's peaceful teachings come from the bible Einar's job is an Assayer
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