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Evernote tutorial

No description

Bailey Carr

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Evernote tutorial

Welcome to this Evernote tutorial. Stay tuned for your guide to completely understand how to use Evernote. Enjoy! What is Evernote Notes can be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten "ink" note. Notes can also have file attachments. Notes can be sorted into folders, then tagged, edited, given comments, searched and exported as part of a notebook. Evernote is available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and WebOS Why use Evernote? 1. Easy to search notebooks for your notes.
2. There is no possible way for you to lose your notes!
3. Easy to edit the notes.
4. Include media, photos, maps, videos and more. 5. Share your notes with other people.
6. Can be turned into flashcards for studying.
7. Print from Evernote.
8. Can be turned into a PDF. Evernote vs. Dropbox Dropbox is great for syncing files, backups, and storage, and acts as if it is part of the computer.
Evernote acts as a program instead of storage.
Evernote is better for finding files and categorizing them with tags and notebooks.
Some people like to use both programs next to each other because they are two completely different programs Evernote is a super easy way to keep everything in your life organized. Downloading download the installation software
go to http://evernote.com/ Windows Users download the setup file
double-click the file to open and setup Evernote Mac Users download and install Evernote click finish
to open Evernote click on the icon Creating an Evernote Account go to http://evernote.com/ enter your information and choose a username and password
click "Register"
the website will automatically log you on to Evernote on your computer To create a new note in Evernote... Just click the new note button here! To search for a note just type in a key word or phrase here! Editing notes is also really easy! Just click on the body of the note you wish to edit, and edit it just like you would a word document! You can also add attachments, like pictures, to your notes! To do this just drag and drop the document into your note! Favorites! Favorites are a fast and easy way to access your most viewed notes! To add a favorite just drag and drop the note you wish to make a favorite anywhere onto the favorites bar. Organization! You can organize your notes using note books! Simply click file, then click New Notebook. And a new pop up will appear and allow you to name your new Notebook! Then you can drag your notes into your Notebooks for great organization! Making a Tag Creating a Stack How to Sync Tags are a way to associate keywords, usually categories, memories, or locations, to notes to make it easier to search notes. 1. Open a new or existing note
2. Click the Click to add tag... field
3. Begin typing the tag you want to add. A list of suggested tags will appear
4. Click the tag you want to add, or enter a new tag name
5. Hit the Enter key To view all of your tags click the Tags icon in the Navigation pane. 1.Click Notebooks in the Navigation pane to expand the list of notebooks in your Evernote account
2.Drag and drop one notebook on to another notebook. A new Notebook Stack containing both notebooks will be created with the name 'Notebook Stack'
3.Drag and drop any other notebooks you want to include on to the new Notebook Stack
4.To rename the Notebook Stack, right-click it, then select Rename... Sync makes sure your Evernote files are available everywhere you are. Evernote automatically syncs your information every 30 minutes. But to change how often it syncs you.... 1.Select Tools > Options
2.Click the Sync tab
3.Click the Synchronize automatically drop down menu and select the frequency that you want your Evernote account to automatically sync. You may also disable automatic syncing by unchecking the box To sync whenever you want click the button, which is located at the top of the application window. Web clipper What is web clipper?
-a way to save a web page to evernote
-can be used to save text, links, and images instead of copy and paste
-find something that could be used for support or evidence and part or all of it can be saved to evernote Web clipper How to download:
-go to evernote.com/webclipper
-click on get web clipper
-web clipper will download to the internet toolbar Web clipper How is web clipper used?
-to save article clips to Evernote:
-click the web clipper button on the toolbar
-you will have to sign in to your evernote account
-you can add tags and text, then save the article
-to save certain text to Evernote:
-highlight text that you want to save
-click the web clipper button on the toolbar
-add tags or text, click the save selection button Evernote Skitch You can get Skitch for all devices.
-iPhone, Android devices, Mac OSX, Windows 8, and Windows Desktop. How to download 1. Go to Evernote.com 2. Click products drop down menu
at the top and click on Skitch. 3. Click what type
of device you are using. Toolbar: click any of the annotation tools to add new
annotations to your skitch note.
"New" menu: click to capture a new image or select an existing image you want to annotate.
Save Options: click to export your Skitch Note as an image file, or to save your Skitch Note to the Skitch Notebook of your Evernote account.
Skitch Canvas: Displays the images that is currently open in Skitch. Add annotations, text, crop the image, and more. The Skitch Editor Screen Snaps Click the "New" menu
Click the Screen Snap... option. The screen will
darken slightly and a cross-hair will be displayed.
Click once inside any window to select that whole window, or click and drag the cross-hair over a portion of the screen that you want to capture. The selected area will be captured and opened in the Skitch Editor. Pictures Folder- select any image on your PC's hard drive to annotate with Skitch.
Click the "New" menu.
Click the "Pictures Folder" option. The Windows file browser will be displayed.
Navigate to and double-click the image you want to annotate with Skitch.
The selected image will be opened in the Skitch Editor. Blank- Gives you a blank slate for drawing quick mock-ups and notes. -Click the "New" Menu.
- Click the "Blank" option.
A blank slate will be displayed in
the Skitch Editor. Clipboard- Automatically pastes the image in your system clipboard currently contains an image that acan be edited in Skitch. -Copy the image you want to annotate to your system's clipboard (right-click and select copy).
-Click the "New" menu.
-Click the Clipboard option. The image from your clipboard will be displayed in the Skitch Editor. Save Options -Save as image on your computer OR add it to Evernote. Evernote Peek How to download: 1. Go to your App store on your iPad 2. Go to search and type in Evernote Peek Click on free, then install app 3. Type in your iTunes password and let it install, then you have Evernote Peek 4. What it is: Evernote peek is a free app for studying on the iPad How it is used: It is used as a question and answer (kind of like flash cards) with help from an iPad cover Example: Penultimate Penultimate is a handwriting app for the iPad You can doodle, scribble, and draw with Penultimate. How Do I download
Penultimate? 1. Go to Evernote.com
2. Scroll down to the Penultimate icon
3. Click the icon
4. Click "Get Penultimate for iPad"
5. Follow directions and enjoy! How do I use Penultimate? Evernote Clearly A way to read online. Evernote Clearly saves where a person finishes reading and creates tags. Evernote Food Snap pictures of good or memorable food you have had! Summary Advantages of Evernote Available on smart phones and desktops
Access files anywhere Can't lose files
Can share and print files Free version
Allows to search through files easily Web Clipper Use instead of copy and paste Skitch Capture, save, and mark images Peek Question and answer quiz application
Study guides Penultimate Handwriting app for iPad
Allows you to draw Clearly Allows an easy reading experience Evernote is the ultimate way to create, share, modify, and organize your notes.
Try it! You'll like it! Trying to figure out Evernote? References YouTube.com
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