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Introduction to G

No description

Andrew Wilson

on 10 September 2017

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Transcript of Introduction to G

Discussion about the course
Exercise books

Introduction to GCSE Health & Social Care
Welcome to H&SC
You will be asked to create a timeline on A3 paper outlining the key milestones of an infants development - key terms you will have to learn as well!
Infancy - Physical Development Timeline
What you need to do tomorrow!

Read through the worksheet VERY carefully - it will be extremely detailed about how to lay out the timeline.

Work quietly - I will deal with any and ALL complaints about behaviour swiftly (remember new AHoY and I TAKE OYSTER CARDS)
Why did you pick Health & Social Care?

Linked to future careers?

Links to other GCSEs you are studying?

Sisters, aunts, parents or friends studied or are studying it?
Discussion Point
Answer honestly!

You must answer - no silent students!

If you are not sure say so!

If you think it is an "easy" choice - think again!!!

You can't change your subjects!

Homework and Deadlines
In lessons
Paired/Group Work
This is a tough course!

A lot of hard written work that requires you to THINK for yourself!

Deadlines exist for a reason!

You all need to GET ALONG!

Assessment cycle and deadlines!
Life Stages and Areas of Development

Factors that affect Development

Impact of Relationships on Development

Controlled Assessment (ARGH!!!) - Infant School Visit and Report
What are we studying?
: 0 - 2
Early Childhood
: 3 - 8
: 9 - 18
Early Adulthood
: 19 - 45
Middle Adulthood
: 46 - 64
Later Adulthood
: 65 +

- to do with the body
- to do with the mind
- the development of emotions and understanding of them in others
l - ability to form and maintain relationships
High expectations for the class

I expect your very best all the time!

No such thing as a "bad" lesson

What happens outside of the classroom, STAYS outside of the classroom

You are here to work and perform at the very highest standard!

I am difficult to keep happy!
Exercise Books
Neatest possible handwriting:
Peer assessment
I will NOT mark anything I can't/struggle to read

NO 2 sentence paragraphs - a paragraph is 5 - 7 sentences NOT lines!

Marking Code - you will get used to them!
C = Communication (GCSE F)
K&U = Knowledge and Understanding (D)
A/E = Analysis and Explanation (C/B)
J = Judgement - your ability to explain what YOU think! (A/A*)
This will be mine if there are complaints!
The reason I am not here tomorrow...

I am going to the hospital for my wifes 20 week scan to see my baby and find out the gender of our baby!!!

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