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Location Alarm

No description

Jaydeep Solanki

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Location Alarm

Sometimes the traditional alarm clocks are just not enough to fit our needs.

Many times you need places to act like reminders, when you don't know how much time will it take to reach there.

In such situations the currently available time based reminders won't work. Make places your reminder Location Alarm Traditional Alarms to the Rescue Location Alarms App - abilities : User Scenario.. let's suppose that once you had a really bad day at work, you desperately want to return home and rest.

Your wife calls and requests you to bring something from the market, that comes in your way to home. Now in such situation, it's likely that while you are returning home you'll forget to bring that thing.

And forgetting wife's order is like.. Reminders can be set using Google Maps
Reminder as soon as you reach your destination.
Reminder if you are inside a predefined radius of your location.
Reminders are customizable
audio reminder
Reminder repeats (daily, weekly) Some tiny details.. Category : Transportation

Target Users : Almost everyone

Feasible : Yes

Business : Ads yes there are similar apps available !! Competition ... But none of them have made it good enough to use it in everyday life.

All the apps available lack one or the other feature.

The problem that most of them face in common is the battery issue, as this app is going to use GPS, it'll definitely be a battery monster !

But we have a different approach which will minimize the consumption of the battery using a better algorithm and will also provide better accuracy. If you have any doubt ask it now, if not, that's all I have to say :) So using this app, will definitely make the
user's life a lot better :) Any Questions ?? Doubts ?? For technical details, refer to the next slide. the hard part ! Technical details.. The only thing that is to be taken care about this app is the battery consumption, which should be tackled with a great care, because everything else is simple for an average android app developer.

Keeping everything in consideration the following approach will prove good result :

When the user sets a location as reminder, get the estimated time from google maps to reach there from the current position, GPS will only be used on the 1/4th of the time.
That time will be studied, how much distance did he travel in that 1/4th period of time, and so on...

Now suppose the user doesn't start his journey just after setting the reminder, which means he is not going there now, in such situations, after the first 1/4th interval check, the checking will cancel and a regular 1hr interval checking will start, determining the current position of the user.

The basic idea here is that we have to make the app intelligent enough to predict the user's decision so that the battery can be saved, without compromising the accuracy of the app. Thank you !! Business Model Our maiden revenue plan is :
1. Featured locations near your destination will silently pop in your alarm.

After an intensive target consumer study regarding their willingness to use such an app, the survey revealed the following result :
A vast 57% students, conveyed they would use this app and were in wait for such a solution.
Another 25% said they may use this app but were optimistic about it.
Only 18% feedback stated a negative review. all your locations will be stored here A glimpse of the app.. The strips on the left hand side of each location, shows the level of radius selected for that specific location..

i) Small Radius (Red)
ii) Medium Radius (Orange)
iii) Large Radius (Blue)

This app will notify you when you reach inside the circle of the given location. details of the location alarm... This screenshot shows the details of the selected location.

The red ribbon on the top represents the radius level, below that is the description, followed by the thumbnail of the google maps' pic.

Here it can be edited or deleted. and finally about setting the location... Google maps will be used to spot the location, giving the user the ease to use his own google map bookmarks, as locations.
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