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Lighting Step-by-Step...

No description

Cressy Knuckey

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Lighting Step-by-Step...

Lightning step-by-step... first idea's designing the first product i used the software 2d design to crate what i was going to make: i then cut out my 2d design idea onto white card i then made a second design which is goign to fit onto the bottom of my first to design to help hold up the love lamp. i then ajusted final measurments, and added a light fitting to the first draft box. next i used the laser cutter to cut out my box in polypropelene and in wood. now i got my polypropelene and made all the slots stick together. next i had to do the same with the wood. now i took my wooden box and painted it black. next i joined the polypropelene box and the wooden one and glued them together. so that the light fitting would fit down the middle. Now i fitted the light fitting into the box. so that when i put a bulb in it would stay upright.
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