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25 Interesting Things

No description

Carolina Tejada

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of 25 Interesting Things

Hello, hello, hello, hello I can't play basketball to save my life. Fail I used to have a dog named Chichi, my brother owns her now, shes about 7 years old. Fail I can't play basketball. At all. I LOVE chicken. This is probably my best drawing. Ever.
Even if her hairline is like forever miles from her eyes, whoops. I wanna go to Hawaii one day. My parents mean the world to me. And yeah i have my dads eyes O.O I want dreadlocks. I smile alot. I was named after this flower. This is my best friend Carolina :) Spongebob was my favorite childhood show! I'm from Florida. I hate pickles with a passion. I wanna learn how to fly a plane. I listen to all kinds of music I have scar tissue around my cornea From sleeping with my eyes open I highly dislike chinese food Im still not 100 pounds I love milk Maybe if i drink enough I'll grow a few more inches Me and my sister get on our nerves, nut we love eachother :) Im hopefully getting a puppy soon I can sing, but i only sing alone Im gonna get a puppy this year :D I like to sing, but only when im alone. I find surrealism so interesting. Me an my sister get on eachothers nerves, but i love her anyways of course This is my favorite video game Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye ! ! ! ! 25 Things About CarolinaTejada..
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