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Mobile Commerce

No description

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce 101:
Presented by Better Buy!

Welcome to Mobile Commerce 101!
What is Mobile Commerce?
Mobile Commerce, or Multi-Channel Commerce, is defined as any commercial activity on a mobile device.

We'll discuss:
Mobile Retail
Mobile Banking
Mobile Wallets
The Future of Mobile Commerce

But first . . . . why do you need to know about Mobile Commerce?
Mobile Ticketing

Mobile ticketing allows for customers to order, purchase and obtain tickets to an event using their mobile device.

Consumers can then store and organize multiple tickets to events on their mobile devices, with applications such as Apple's 'Passbook.'

Eliminates conventional costs associated with paper based ticketing, while providing a fast, convenient way in which to purchase tickets.

What is mobile banking?
What is an online or mobile wallet?
What security do I have?
Mobile Money
The Future of Mobile Commerce
A Continuously Growing Mobile World
Who are we?

Stephanie LeBuffe
Fatima Mukhtar
Bill Newman
James McKenna
Ryan Schurdell

What is Mobile Commerce and why is it important to me?

What are current topics I need to know about?

Where will Mobile Commerce lead me in the future?
Time spent on mobile devices is growing 14 times faster than desktop
80% of smart phone owners use the device to shop
80% growth in 2011; 105% growth in 2012
By 2015, more US internet users will access the web through mobile devices versus PCs

Bottom Line:
convenience, speed, and location
How does Mobile Commerce work?

Smart phone
Wait . . .
What About
Mobile Banking
Most mobile banking done with applications today (apps)
Mobile Banking is Only For Geeks and Hipsters Right?
From 2008 to 2012, Mobile Banking users increased 7x over
What is a Virtual or Mobile Wallet?
How Do I Know My Mobile Info is Secure?
Is Google Wallet the Only Virtual Wallet?
How Does My Mobile Wallet Work?
There are many companies offering virtual wallets, but Google Wallet has the most functionality. There are four main players as of today:
Google Wallet
Isis Wallet
Square Wallet
Apple Passbook
Accepted at 140,000 locations in the US
Mobile Site
Desktop Site
Mobile Security Measures
Google Wallet
Purchase Protections covers 100% of eligible unauthorized Google Wallet transactions. Plus, an advanced monitoring system checks for fraud 24/7
Remotely disable the app from any desktop
Require a 4 digit PIN code to even open the app
Your info is stored on an encrypted chip-set called the Secure Element. This only stores your data, and is separate from the device memory and chip-set.
Same security measures as mobile wallets; PIN required log-in
Mobile Transaction Authentication Number via SMS text
Has an app as well for convenience
Lets you transfer money securely mobile to mobile

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Airline check-in
Cinema ticketing
Railway & Bus ticketing
Concert/Event ticketing
Consumer voucher distribution
Improved convenience
Increased revenue via increased ticket accessibility
Reduced infrastructure costs
Reduced ticket printing/mailing cost
Augmented Reality Advertising
It's All About YOU!
Advertising specifically tailored to meet your needs
Advertising that combines intent, proximity, timing and weather
Becoming Korea
3/4 of the South Korean population accessed the internet in 2012, the majority of which did so via a mobile device
South Koreans can shop via Virtual Grocery Stores available throughout major cities
Mobile Commerce, any commercial activity on a mobile device, has many facets including: mobile retail, banking, ticketing and advertising. Mobile Commerce will continue to grow and with it will come new and exciting attributes.

More Personal Than Ever
Location Services

Location Services
Reach customers in close proximity
Enhance in-store experience
Collect Data
Drive Sales -- In Store and Online
Collect Data
Tailored to customers
They work
Making the Purchase
What are People Buying?
Google Glass
The next breakthrough in mobile devices
Class Demo: Eventbrite Tickets
Why is Mobile Commerce Important to You?
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