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Scene 1

No description

Mariana Bulle

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Scene 1

Scene 1

Banquo tells Macbeth his uneasy dreams
about the witches. Macbeth wants them to talk about the prophecies on another moment.

Macbeth being alone, imagines a dagger.
Symbol: the dagger represents his ambitions and his eager to become king but it represents as well his fears.

Macbeth hears a bell, he knows it is the sign to kill Duncan.
Scene 2

Scene 2
Lady Macbeth explains how she drugged Duncan´s servants to herself.

Macbeth enters and carries the dagger that he used to kill Duncan.

Macbeth is too afraid to return to the scene of the crime, so Lady Macbeth takes the dagger in order for the servants to be blamed. She tells Macbeth to wash off the blood and change into his nightclothes.

Symbol: the blood represents guilt and the eager of power.

Scene 3.1
Drunken porter answers the knocking and Lennox and Macduff are let in.
Macbeth arrives to lead them to the king´s room.
Scene 3.2
Macduff enters Duncan´s room and discovers his murder.

Lennox and Macbeth see Duncan´s death as well.

Kings son´s want to escape from the country because they are scared.

(Lady Macbeth faints.)
Scene 4
Ross and an old man discuss about Duncan´s death and Macduff speculates that the king son´s had something to do with his death because of how they escaped.
King´s Room
Front Door
Outside the Castle
Macbeth, Act 2
Mauricio Corona and Mariana Bulle
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