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JonBenet Ramsey

No description

Shante Chevannes

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey "painted baby" Born: August 6th, 1990 born in Atlanta, Georgia relocated to Boulder, Colorado when she was 9 months Parents: John and Patricia Ramsey Patsy was a former beauty queen John Ramsey was a successful businessman very first imgaes of JonBenet were of a pretty little girl in heavy makeup and colorful costumes prancing around on stage participated in several pageants, media called her a "painted baby, a sexualized toddler" Christmas Night John and Patsey went to a neighbors house for a Christmas party JonBenet was asleep in he backseat of the car They arrived home at approx 9:30 pm and carried JonBenet to her bed Patsy woke up at 5am and went down stairs where she found the 2 1/2 page ransom note JonBenet was kidnapped
by a "small foreign faction"
and was being held for ransom
of $118,000- almost the exact
value of John Ramseys bonus
that year They decided to call the police. The 911 call came in at 5:25 am, and the police arrived 7 minutes later cursory search of the house
and didnt find and ovbious signs
of break-in or forced entry Crime Scene several critical mistakes
did not conduct a proper search of the house
area was not sealed off
friends and family were able to walk around freely Fleet White, a friend of
the Ramsey's, was sent with
John to search the house for
anything unusual proceeded to the basement/wine cellar where they found
JonBenet's body laying on the floor with a white blanket Her body wasnt found until 8 hours after the
911 call number of open windows and atleast one open door JonBenets bedroom is one floor
below her parents Alleged footprints
snowfall of approx 2-3" night of her murder
no forced entry and no footprints in the snow
speculation and evidence of another individual present
additional male entered the house before the snowfall The Ramseys state of the art
alarm system wasnt set that night John Ramsey waited seven months before
informing police he spent time in the
basement that morning around 10 am Found a broken window however when
police investigated they reported no such
thing bristle end of the paintbrush was
found in a tub by Patsy's art supplies
however the bottom was never found Autopsy She was found with a nylon cord around her neck Her wrists were tied above her head and duct tape covering her mouth She had been sexually assaulted Her skull suffered very severe
blunt trauma Died of asphyxiation-smothering
or covering the airway A garrote made from tweed
cord and the broken
handle of a paintbrush
had been used to strangle her Piercing Scream between 12 midnight and 2 am Melody Stanton
who lives less than 100
feet away, awoke from a
piercing scream of a little
girl "It was the longest, most horrible scream I have ever heard in my life. It sent shivers down my spine. I could tell the sound was coming from the Ramsey house and I knew instantly it was their little girl, JonBenet". Three neighbors have gone on record giving depositions of hearing this scream at around midnight, however the Ramseys claim to have never heard such a scream the time of the screamhas been corroborated as the approx time of JonBenet's skull fracture Often times when a child
is being attacked by a parent,
they turn to an alley they can
trust. JonBenet and her brother
were very close, she often snuck
into his room during nights. Her
loud scream couldve been her look-
ing for her brother to save her Ransom Note full of misspellings and
conflicting writing syles 82% match to Patsy Ramsey written on the same paper she
had in he kitchen entire draft of the ransom note was
in the home along with the legal pad it
was written on no fingerprints a practice note would not be carried to the premises, meaning both notes were written there and the kidnapping was a last minute created fantasy 118,000- the amount of Johns bonus that year. Only the Ramsey's and the payroll department knew of Why was the note written and left in the house when JonBenet wasnt kidnapped? Whose rope is it anyways? a sales slip indicates that Patsy bought a thin nylon rope at
Boulder's McGuckin hardware store. Sales slip shows a purchase
for $2.29 rung up in the section where rope is sold, the exact price
of a nylon rope at that time made a purchase for 1.99 in the section where duct tape was on sale manufacturer of the duct tape revealed only a mere 2percent of duct tape
is this specific stand and it was manufactured in november 1996, approx
one month before red and black fibers found on
the tape were a match to Patsy's
jacket suprinsingly when Patsy opened the
door that morning when the police
officers came she was still wearing the same
jacket she wore to the christmas party that
night with a full face of makeup Sexual Abuse scaring on her uterus from ongoing sexual molestation/abuse medical examiner
found evidenc of
sexual abuse from the night before reported an abrasion and small amounts of blood in both her underwear and vagina a black light revealed that
her body was wiped down
clean University of Chicago pathology departments
Dr.Robert Kirschner pointed out that her vaginal opening
was twice the normal size of a 6year olds 2 years prior to her death,
JonBenet reportedly made 33
trips to the
doctors office and
her diagnosis
was yeast infections Suspicion police officers were openly suspicious the fact that JonBenet was found
by her own father in her own house
was very suspicious "It was very unusual for a kidnap
victim's body to be found at home-
it's not adding up" several police officers had a strong belief that the parents
were responsible and they were placed under an umbrella
of suspicion it was reported that the Ramseys
were uncooperative in the investigations
and interrogations refused to voluntarily turn over their telephone records refused to take a lie detector
test even months after
the murder
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